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Draft Blurb For “Immortal Forever”

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Immortal Forever – a literary fiction

Moving to Zelenograd, a small city northwest of Moscow, is a new start, an opportunity for career progress. Svetlana, a militia member seconded from the capital is excited and proud to be serving the socialist cause.

Her husband Anton, is absent in the east, crime is rising, and Khrushchev’s reforms are taking their toll. All is well until she crosses paths with unsavoury Soviet deputies exploiting their new freedoms, and a criminal underworld invigorated by endemic corruption and dramatic social change following the official denouncements of Stalinism.

immortalforever_promo_colorSvetlana battles to hold true to her ideals as those around her fall prey to the gangs and social liberalisation. She seeks solace in new love, whilst pressing for greater investigation of the crimes that rock the city.

A deathly darkness is approaching that she is unable to stop, without betraying the very people, and the very system she has sworn to protect.

A startling literary fiction that commentates on the defence of Stalinism in the face of an onslaught of freedom for which even the most devoted will give their soul for just one taste.

Counter poses the viciousness and attractiveness of liberalism with the order and discipline of a dour socialist society struggling to maintain itself in the face of external forces.

A subtle expose of Soviet life and the struggle of one woman to keep mind and soul together.

A critique of the competition between socialism and liberalism by way of a vicious and blood-soaked vampire novel in which  one woman’s life and family are destroyed, at the same time giving her hope, before crushing all her dreams and her soul in a nightmare of violence and gore.

Immortal Forever will be available in a couple of years time – so don’t get too excited just yet. At roughly 500 pages the novel will also have its own twitter page @immortal4eva ( The picture above, will probably be the cover, or I may use an original picture based on an idea represented in a previous image (you may find it in a previous posting, or somewhere in the right-hand menu column).


Kaden Brown’s Newsletter

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After much delay and pondering, and much mindless head-scratching, Kaden Brown finally has a monthly newsletter that you can sign-up for!



Woops! Time flies…

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I just had one of those big “woops” moments, realising that April is nearly half complete and I have not yet looked at my “Shady Oaks” screenplay!

Duh. With my head in the clouds, working on “Immortal Forever” I sort of totally forgot I have other stuff to do. Mind you, the time has been brilliant as I plot the mega-story-arc for my Russian Vampire Fiction.

Never-the-less, I must get along and open up Final Draft and concentrate of completing April’s agenda. Just have to do the closing act. Should be no problem.

With Svetlana, Misha and Lucy…

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Wonder what I’m working on this damp day…

Enjoy and be nice to each other 🙂

Mixture of the old and new (circa 1960) in Zelenograd’s 6th District

Buy “Wear A Flower In Your Hair – A dialogue with Sadie Mae Glutz” paperback edition

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The sometimes shocking and harrowing interview with Susan Atkins (Manson Family cult member) who passed away in September 2009, is now available in paperback format for USD$7.99.

Note: this title is available to purchase for those 18 years and over.

The book can be purchased here.

Amazon comments:

“A master stroke of creative writing”

“It’s visceral. It’s gripping. It’s soul-stirring.”

I always encourage readers to visit the book review website, Goodreads. There you can find out what’s hot, gossip about your fave authors, and leave comments and reviews. “Wear A Flower In Your Hair – A dialogue with Sadie Mae Glutz” can be found at:—a-dialogue-with-sadie-mae-glutz

Things The Interview With Sadie Shows Us

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Sadie Mae Glutz was a pseudonym of Charles Manson friend and follower Susan Denise Atkins. She used the name from 1967 to 1969, finally ceasing its usage whilst incarcerated. Here are some things we learned from her interview with “Deborah”.

  • Sadie is her preferred name.
  • Her friends included Mama Cass, Michelle Philips, “that Beach Boy guy” (Denis Wilson), Ken/Kenneth (Kenneth Anger) and George Harrison.
  • She has degrees acquired whilst in prison – qualifications that she holds in distain.
  • She tried and failed to hang two of her victims, simultaneously.
  • Though convicted of eight murders she only actually killed two people.
  • Of the two she killed, she only knew Sharon’s name. The other victim whom she admits to stabbing multiple times – and whom she does not remember his name during the interview – was Wojciech Frykowski who was actually shot, beaten and stabbed.
  • She has a convenient memory. Wojciech Frykowski was actually attacked by all three assailants (Sadie, Tex, and Pat) in the Tate house – not just by Sadie as she claims in the interview.
  • Sadie tells fibs: she originally claims to have had sex with The Fab Four in their hotel room. In truth which she later admits in this fictional interview, she only had “sexual relations” with one of them. She laughs when confronted with the truth.
  • Sadie at one stage advocates mandatory oral sex to make the world a happier place. She was known as Sexy Sadie for a reason!
  • She claims to be a Christian, and insists that her murderous philosophy is akin to that of Christ dying on the cross.
  • Sadie claims to like prison life, because it gives her the freedom to think.
  • Toward the end of the interview Deborah asks how Sadie is feeling, and observes that she does not look well. At the time Sadie was dying from cancer. At the end of she interview which is terminated due to Sadie’s obvious difficulties, she thanks Deborah.
  • Sadie asserts that Linda Kasabian was present at a planning meeting for Helter Skelter (Tate-LaBianca et al) and that Charlie had no role in the planning. On two occasions Sadie implicates Linda in the murders. This continues a grudge against Linda dating back to the pre-trial phase in which Linda gained immunity.
  • Throughout the interview Sadie expresses herself through highly technical language and philosophical concepts. Deborah remarks that she doesn’t understand what Sadie is saying.
  • At one stage Sadie mentions if she had killed Shorty “things would have been better”. “Shorty” McShea was a Manson associate murdered by someone in “The Family”. Sadie’s statement suggests that she did not kill him.
  • Ultimately, we learn that Sadie Mae Glutz is 100% unrepentant, but uses her claimed Christianity to mask her beliefs.
  • The final statement made by Deborah serves three purposes. (1) It shows the danger of allowing any Manson Family follower the opportunity to express their ideals to the outside world, and (2)  Deborah’s repeating of Sadie’s anti-normative anti-society mantra indicates that she has fallen under the influence of that way of thinking. And (3) the final words by Deborah, in apparent sympathy with Sadie, indicate that Sadie’s philosophy is applicable to contemporary society. Indeed, it is a stark and haunting threat merely in its observation.

Don’t forget “Wear A Flower In Your Hair – A dialogue with Sadie Mae Glutz” is now available for pre-order from Amazon Kindle (USD$0.81, AUD$0.99, GBP£1.02). Note that these prices can change without notice. The book is released on January 17, 2015.

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