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Lilith’s Crazy Sisters

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As you may know, Lilith is a Dark Immortal – an immortal human being who breathes, eats and does drugs just like all other humans… okay, maybe not the drugs part, but, anyways, Lilith is a drug-taking human – just immortal. She was murdered by her older siblings, Petros and Tiamat. She was given a second chance to live by the angel Samael. He gave her that chance on several conditions. So, Lilith finds herself fighting ‘evil’.

I thought I would introduce you to Tiamat, or a picture of what I see her as looking like:


Tiamat was born in 588 BC in Samara, Persia, often seen as the birthplace of humanity, two and half years before Lilith. She was a nervous and passive girl who blindly followed her older sister Petros. This resulted in her torturing and helping to kill Lilith. She had blue/green eyes, stood 5’3″ high and loved to play in the reeds by the Tigris.

What “Lilith” does not cover to any great extent is the reasons why Petros and Tiamat killed both Lilith and their younger brother, Kasparek. Now, I won’t spoil anything that happens either in Lilith or any subsequent book, or short story, but the two of them were not simple bullies. Lilith goes through her immortal existence believing them to have been evil humans with psychopathic tendencies: in fact their torturing of both herself and her brother were not done in “the heat of the moment”. The killing of Lilith and later, Kasparek, was deliberate and cold…

One day I may write their stories and explain , like WTF would make two kids kill their brother and sister?

Just a quick update: finally my writing is back up and humming along. Productivity is on the rise almost in direct correlation to the improvement in my health. It’s back to work this week again (touch-wood for luck), and I’m putting in some good numbers on Lilith.

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