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Vanguard LA

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One of the Vampire Societies is that of the Vanguards… so it is with some bemusement that Zetty is sent to the Vanguard Club to work, alongside fellow vamp, Arkady. It is Ashley’s first job and one that she grows to love. It’s the launching pad for some of the adventures and events that almost overwhelm her.

So, I thought I would show you what the Vanguard Club looks like. Yep, it is a real club, right in the heart of LA…

It is a pretty big club, much larger than what it looks like from outside. Plus, it is a favourite of the stars – performers and patrons alike – who want to be seen out and about, with the beautiful people. Hollywood at its best! If or when you visit the City of Angels, this a club you have got to experience.


The Irony of Solar de Cahuenga

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Near to where Zetty lives in LA is a cafe/restaurant: Solar de Cahuenga

It is a popular hangout with screenwriters and people who just want good food, good drinks, and somewhere to chill.

Mig and Zetty drink here because it is convenient. Sadly they can’t eat the food or enjoy the sun. It is the place where Zetty first discovers that problems might stand in her immortal way. And that she is the one people are terrified of.

Well priced and with excellent food and drinks, Solar de Cahuenga is a recommended destination.

If You’ve Ever…

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For anyone who has wandered up Hollywood Blvd and come across this place:

You will probably know where Vanguard Club is (incidentally, Vanguard Club is also known as ‘Angel’). Zetty hasn’t realized (in VN) that the Museum of Death is like, next-door to the club where she works.  And a little further up in the other direction is… Atomic TatooLA where they do great vamp style tats. Maybe Zetty will get one…

I’ll Bite Your Face Off

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I just came across this great t-shirt and thought I’d pass it on.

I had to laugh – it’s just like one Zetty wears when she kills the pub manager.

Writing and interruptions

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Jeez, what a couple of crazy months I have had. Craziness on a scale I can only laugh about now, which I do – just to keep my insanity in check.

Apart from the crap that exploded in my life over the last couple of months – since my coming back from Australia – progress has been made with both Lilith and VN. Actually there is another work in progress, called “59 Harewood” which is a by-the-numbers horror feature length screenplay. But that is taking a low priority as I do have two books to finish first.

Having started the big rewrite of VN I have taken Debbie’s comments on board and redone some of the chapters – as one does when doing a rewrite. As a little teaser, and because I like his clothes soooo much I have posted a picture of a pair of pants Zetty likes. The pants are by Ed Hardy and I recommend visiting his store. Fan-tas-tic is too light a word to describe his stuff.

Not sure yet, but the chapter that Dee Dee (Zetty’s real human name) wears these pants may be chopped at a later stage. Regardless, FYI the pants are typical of the style she wears throughout the story – when she can that is.

Take care for now.

Ten Things Zetty Likes

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Hmm, Zetty sometimes lives a pretty lively and hectic life. Apart from her petty hates (such as stuck-up bigots) she has a number of, ahem, adult loves. Here’s a quick list of her top ten:

10. Guys and girls (Jessica, Mig)
9. Vampiric walking
8. Combat gear
7. Vodka
6. Cigarettes
5. Sex
4. Chunky black boots
3. Dancing
2. Red Cossacks (blood with a shot of vodka in a highball glass)
1. Lustre A Positive (blood, heated to 37 degrees C)

High up there somewhere is coffee and the cafe lifestyle also. She would probably rate it either 11 or 10 – as her sexuality is a ‘given’.

Zetty’s work shoes (at Vanguard).

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