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Number 9, Number 9, Number 9…

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Right, I’m up to chapter nine of Lilith and thought I’d throw a bone to anyone who crosses the blog. Anyone who has read the opening chapters (check the earlier posts/pages for them) will know the the story is set in Detroit.

Here is where the action starts with blood and gore (at the Detroit P.D.):

At some stage I will have to introduce you to a few other characters, Aytal in particular, maybe Chucky and Vince too…

On other issues, my Dee Dee and State of Trance film scripts failed to progress to the final twelve of the Make My Movie competition. No worries, I wish the twelve successful ideas (judged on idea and… poster design! WTF?) all the best. Anyways, my screenplays probably need a bit more than $100,000 to do properly. Either way, it ain’t gonna stop me.

Lilith word count : 14588 (and listening the The Beatle’s White Album…)


A unified immortal world?

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Now that I am writing Lilith and things are going along nicely, I am sorely tempted to cross-the-line and introduce characters from Vanguard Newborn. There are some similarities between the two worlds:

1. Both focus on immortal individuals.

2. The lead character in each book is female.

3. Sub-characters include witches, vampires, angels and the white-haired Si-kee.

I know it was not planned to write the second book as part of the Ashley Zetterburg Books of the Black Society, and Lilith certainly is not even eligible to be in the Black Society or any other Vampyre Council organization. She is a Dark Immortal. Human yes, but immortal.

So it would be an interesting world if some characters crossed each book series. After-all, some characters definately could cross the lines: The weird and awful smelling Si-Kee and the angels could easily appear in both worlds. They are friends with vamps, humans and eachother… I will decide later though. The concept is attractive – hugely.

In other news, a little reminder that my film ideas are still up for voting at, screenplays Sadie  and Dee Dee are available at Simply Scripts. I am deciding if I publish a 44 minute script (a follow-up episode to the Dee Dee “Pilot” script) to Simply Scripts. On the issue of screenwriting, with three film scripts in the works, “59 Harewood” (horror), “State of Trance” (thriller), and “Define Better” (drama about the pharmaceutical industry) it has been decided to cease script work for now to enable more work on Lilith to get done.

With other things also bubbling in the background (various courses and work) decisions about priority have to be taken.

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