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Iron Bound Out-take (The Observer)

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The Observer

“Hey ya’ bud?” the male voice asked as I stepped around the corner peering into my bag.

I didn’t need to look to know who it was, or more specifically – as not a soul I knew spoke to me that way, and in this crowded hot city there was not a soul whom knew me – what it was. Still peering into my satchel, perhaps with a tad more determination to avoid such a rude interruption, I afforded a quick peek to confirm my assumption. Yes, a beggar, lowlife, the plight of all western cities, was passing by. He had long unkempt hair, that peculiar gait common to the gutter scum, and the dress-sense of one cast from the civil society. Somewhat of an informal dress-code amongst the lower life-forms must exist. I kept on for a few more seconds, deliberately scouring my Billabong bag for that pesky timetable. Bus schedules in this place were so complicated.

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50/50 – Is It M1 Here I Come?

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Two months have passed, the fruit trees have grown leaves, the weather has switched to summer (well, my summer – it’s still spring here), mum has been at home for two weeks without visiting hospital (whew!), my cash flow is about to stop, and my writing has stopped.

So that means I face certain choices, namely, do I stay in Adelaide, or do I return to the UK? Sounds simple, and it is, unless one begins to examine all the factors involved. I won’t go into them here (I do talk about them elsewhere… if you know where to look, under my real name), but these things tend to have a complicating influence upon the decision-making process.

Yeah, I could go the airport right now and book the next flight home. That would be a huge surprise to those with whom I have grown to know and care about, plus my mum would be suddenly left here too. Without warning. To resolve this problem I have given myself until the end of November to establish a sustainable income here in South Australia. And I won’t lie: finding a job here is proving oddly fraught with difficulty. If a job offer comes-up before the end of November I’ll take it and stay here; if there is no offer, then I book the next plane outta here.

On the issue of writing, Lilith will be published as a short novel. Hopefully, the brilliant editor I have chosen will stay with me and help me see it through (fingers crossed). Vanguard Coven is coming along nice. The story-line is developing. Unlike Rhesus A, VC is being meticulously planned! I know that when things do go to the editor Rhesus A will be going too. So my man may be snowed-under. Part of the aim of returning to Manchester in the UK (actually, Liverpool is more or less my home) is to get back to some solid writing, the sort where I can hammer-out a chapter in an afternoon. Here with mum in South Australia that is literally impossible – the environment is waaay to restimulative for me.

All this means that the next time you hear from me I may be reporting from Manchester… woohoo.

Sneak Peek – Pod Magnum

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A little project that I have been working on lately, in addition to Lilith, is a novelette called Pod Magnum.

As a little exercise in creative writing, and possibly something larger, it tells the story of a group of explorers who have made contact with a ‘backward’ bipedal species on an Earth-like planet in the Gliese system… Writing is ongoing, being done in moments when I feel like a change.

You can read the story thus-far here (*.doc format).

In other news, the free-giveaway of Rhesus A is about to end on Kindle, so download quick now.

Free Campaign Takes-off

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A friend of mine, Matt Hammond, recently wrote about how a free promo offer on his novel “Milkshake” (see the right-hand menu for the link) resulted in higher conversion (i.e. actual purchases of the novel) after the free promo had finished. His numbers seemed great (1300 free copies after the five day campaign/63 full sales afterwards), good enough to encourage me to try the same freebie promo…

So on June 3rd my own free campaign started and I can already report a healthy 214 copies have been chosen on Kindle in less than 24 hours. The promotion ends on June 7th. You better get in now.

Huh,the numbers are changing as I look on my ‘reports’ … okay, now let’s see where all this takes me in the long term.

In other news Lilith has moved slightly closer to completion; my sci-fi novelette Pod Magnum is off with a bang; awaiting results of ‘Writers of the Future‘ contest.

A ‘By the the Book’ Plot – Romance

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Browsing through my documents folder I came across some interesting things I thought I’d post. If you look on the right-hand menu, under ‘Downloads’ you will find a link to a short story (*.docx format) I wrote a number of years past. It is about how I met the first love of my life, Julie, in the local pub (The Main Top) in WestBank, Widnes. Sadly she passed away in September 2002. Have a look at ‘A Boy and a Girl’ to see how Julie and I first met.

In the folder I discovered some stuff about writing related to plots and structures of stories and screenplays. Here is a great romance plot from ‘Adventureland‘ (it stars Kristen Stewart) that follows a love story between a boy and a girl – unrelated to my short story about Julie.. It follows the typical structure.

The Boy Meets the Girl Plot Template

  1. The Boy and Girl become friends
  2. The Boy meets the Guy who he reveres and sees as a “real man” – the guy is everything the boy only ever dreams about being – dangerous, confident, married and promiscuous
  3. Another girl tells the Boy that a Guy they know is cheating on his wife.
  4. The Girl tries to deter her friendship with the Boy from developing further
  5. So the Boy goes out with Another girl and asks her to keep their date secret, so as not to hurt the Girl
  6. Unbeknown to the Boy the Girl has an ongoing secret sexual relationship with the man
  7. The Boy feels guilty about dating Another girl and tells the Girl about the date – he still wants their friendship to deepen. The Girl is deeply hurt and walks off.
  8. The pressure of being the “other woman” leads to the girl ending their torrid affair
  9. But not before the Boy gets told by an acquaintance that the Girl and the Guy have been seen getting real close sexually.
  10. The Boy gets upset and confronts the Girl as she leaves the guys apartment secretly avoiding the Guy’s wife.
  11. The Boy goes out with the Another girl and tells her everything about his feelings and the Girl and the Guy, when she promises to keep the secret
  12. The Another girl promptly tells all her friends about the Girl and the Guy.
  13. The Girl is horrified and upset to find out everyone knows about her sexual habits and think she is an easy lay
  14. The Girl leaves town to escape their stares and whispers.
  15. The Boy realises his stupidity and goes after her.
  16. Boy and Girl re-meet and they both explain their deep regrets over their behaviour
  17. Boy and Girl end up together.

I love weepy stories and happy endings. I am not a ‘Steel Magnolias‘ kind of guy.

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