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All Set to Go… Uh, hang-on. Stop!

Posted in Rhesus A - a Vanguard Newborn, Uncategorized, Update with tags , , , , , , , on March 27, 2012 by Kaden Brown

Rhesus A is all complete and ready to be printed and distributed. This was going to be done through CreateSpace and Amazon.

Having battled and battled to get the novel in decent/good shape I got to thinking that perhaps I should make a serious attempt to a) find myself an agent, and b) find a publisher. Really, I owe it to myself to do this as my skills do not cover such areas. Sure, I could perhaps get Rhesus A into local bookstores and self-published on Amazon, but it is not good enough.

Thus, Rhesus A will not be seeing the light of day for a while, at-least until I have exhausted attempts to get an agent and find a publisher. That could take a while – like six months or more. Not to worry, I am still writing and have heaps of things up my sleeve to do too.

Already I have had a rejection (HarperCollins) when I tried to sneak the early YA version of the book through their submission process. I presented the story as a paranormal fiction when they do not accept YA manuscripts. And they must have read it too as back came the rejection, “we do not accept young adult manuscripts.” Brilliant! My first rejection.

This raises a worrying thought for me: given that the book is about a newborn vampire will any prospective agent or publisher simply dismiss the manuscript as young adult, when in actual fact, the finished novel is anything but? It is an adult urban fiction. But will that matter? I hope not.

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