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Major Issues Ashley Must Deal With

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Over the next little while I will post essential information about Book 2 of the Ashley Zetterburg series, “O-Negative“. There is so much happening that it may seem overload at first. Hence, these little break-downs as to what Zetty is up to, what she thinks and feels about things, and introducing key characters, most of whom survive “O-Negative”, and continue as part of her life throughout the series.

Zetty gets a tattoo in recognition of her services. I haven't decided, but I tyhink she would like this one.... but Popov wants to put her mark on Ashley and claim her as her own. For ever.

Zetty gets a tattoo in recognition of her services. I haven’t decided, but I think she would like this one…. Popov wants to put her mark on Ashley and claim her as her own. For ever.

First up, let’s take a look at Ashley’s problems – the major issues she is trying to deal with, questions she has, and problems she has no god-damn idea how to deal with.

1) Ashley wants desperately to find her brother, Jason. He had been believed dead after going missing on a walk in the mountains of Wales. Then Ashley finds out (in “Rhesus A”) that he is not dead, and is probably in Moscow where he is a Facilitator in the List Society (the List Society Facilitators ensure close adherence to security and legal requirements as directed by the Vampyre Council). Popov says she knows his whereabouts and has used that as a coercement to get Ashley’s cooperation in bringing the perpetrator of the LA Massacre to justice (Elizabeth, her best friend when Ashley was still human, called Dee Dee). Popov suggested that she would put Ashley in contact with Jason after that mission. Will the creepy Overlord Popov keep her word? Or did Ashley assume too much?

2) With her training as Inductee of the Black Society taking almost all her time, Ashley’s relationship with Miguel begins to worsen. Being apart 24/7 sees the two lovers grow apart, just as Ashley discovers new vampire friends her own age. How will Ashley handle seeing her boyfriend less and less? In addition there are Vampyre Council secrets that soon become apparent – Mig’s practice of keeping two drugged-up humans in his apartment block, as readily available food, is not as uncommon as people have suggested. Oh boy, is she in for a shock!

3) Ashley is not permitted to contact her coven back home in England. She understands that they did bad things and protected a crazy and psychopathic Elizabeth, but Ashley literally has no other family she can call her own. Their abandonment of her and the discovery of Elizabeth’s secret, plus her own enraged assault on her best friend, have left emotional marks Ashley thinks she will carry for the rest of her undead existence.

There are heaps and heaps of more interesting issues Ashley must deal with and confront. Then there are all her new friends and acquaintances she meets at the LA base… oh, that is another story: Ashley choose to become a Vanguard (a spy) but what she did not know is that the vanguards are the most highly trained operatives of the Council. They have to be good at everything and that means Ashley has to go through Warrior training with the Blood Red Society. Heck, she is hopping mad about that! We will meet her new friends soon.


Teaser: “O-Negative”, Chapter One (Sequel To “Rhesus A”)

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Things are beginning to roll here Down Under, where winter is setting-in and work is consuming if not all, then most of my waking hours. Thankfully I do get some time off (for good behavior?) therefore getting time to write is not completely impossible.

Productive I have been, and in the probably rather prolonged build-up to the sequel to my first novel, “Rhesus A”, (which is about newborn vampire Ashley Zetterburg’s attempts to adjust to life as a Ward of the Vampyre Council and new member of the Vanguards, the secretive Black Society which specializes in spying and infiltrating human and vampire groups) maybe excuses for delays have niggled and eaten at me.

“O-Negative” carries-on our heroine’s journey as she returns from overseas and starts her training as a spy. She is in for a mighty shock, not only at what profession she chose to become, but upon discovering secret human farms and a way of life she had never believed true, she realizes her own hypocrisy and tragic ethical choices.

Ashley may not be able to change the Black Society, but her importance gives her something even her new friends can never imagine – influence and the power to lead.

Without any further delay, here is Chapter One of “O-Negative” (Ashley Zetterburg book 2):

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Some WTF Questions of Lilith

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Heck, most of these questions I can’t answer – or even provide a hint of the answer, lest I spoil the story. You may want to figure out the answers as you read the book. The questions I’ve provided are in no particular order:

1. How did Lilith get so hooked on heroin?

2. Why did her sisters kill her?

3. Is Lilith a vampire?

4. WTF is Lilith?

5. Is she good, or bad?

6. Who or what are the Dark Immortals?

7. What on Earth are Antediluvians?

8. Lilith has a BFF?

9. If Barry is gay, then why did his boyfriend move out?

10. Are Lilith and Ruth lovers?

11. Why did Samael treat Lilith so kindly, and not hurt her?

12. Was Lilith a real being?

13. Samarra is in Iraq not Persia (Iran)! Isn’t it?

14. What happened to Kasparek? Did he become immortal too?

15. Does Ruth die?

16. Does Aytal kill Lilith?

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50/50 – Is It M1 Here I Come?

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Two months have passed, the fruit trees have grown leaves, the weather has switched to summer (well, my summer – it’s still spring here), mum has been at home for two weeks without visiting hospital (whew!), my cash flow is about to stop, and my writing has stopped.

So that means I face certain choices, namely, do I stay in Adelaide, or do I return to the UK? Sounds simple, and it is, unless one begins to examine all the factors involved. I won’t go into them here (I do talk about them elsewhere… if you know where to look, under my real name), but these things tend to have a complicating influence upon the decision-making process.

Yeah, I could go the airport right now and book the next flight home. That would be a huge surprise to those with whom I have grown to know and care about, plus my mum would be suddenly left here too. Without warning. To resolve this problem I have given myself until the end of November to establish a sustainable income here in South Australia. And I won’t lie: finding a job here is proving oddly fraught with difficulty. If a job offer comes-up before the end of November I’ll take it and stay here; if there is no offer, then I book the next plane outta here.

On the issue of writing, Lilith will be published as a short novel. Hopefully, the brilliant editor I have chosen will stay with me and help me see it through (fingers crossed). Vanguard Coven is coming along nice. The story-line is developing. Unlike Rhesus A, VC is being meticulously planned! I know that when things do go to the editor Rhesus A will be going too. So my man may be snowed-under. Part of the aim of returning to Manchester in the UK (actually, Liverpool is more or less my home) is to get back to some solid writing, the sort where I can hammer-out a chapter in an afternoon. Here with mum in South Australia that is literally impossible – the environment is waaay to restimulative for me.

All this means that the next time you hear from me I may be reporting from Manchester… woohoo.

Magic Visualization

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I am having to find out heaps of stuff for Lilith. Like local cafes, restaurants, interstate locations, weapon types and effects, oh, and all about magic.

For me I have to admit to being slightly phobic about magic. Most books I read, or attract me to them, do not contain magic.

There are a couple of obvious exceptions such as Kate Tiernan’s Immortal Beloved books and the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton. Even Richelle Mead has a brilliant series about a girl who has magic powers.

In the main though it is a theme I avoid. Writing Lilith, and more precisely, the part of Ruth is a wonderful challenge. She is a witch. A real kick-ass human who takes on the ADs. Well, maybe that is an overstatement, but Ruth has to do magic to save her life and Lilith’s… but she is locked in a dark, lonely and bare cell.

This is where her brilliance comes in: Did you know that a lot of magic can be made without the required ingredients – like herbs, equipment, organic materials – and can simply be done through ‘visualization’?

No, and neither did I. You’ll have to read the book to see just how Ruth gets on.

Just a quick note before I go to bed. Rhesus A is now available in paperback (US$15.99) and Kindle (US$0.99).

A ‘By the the Book’ Plot – Romance

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Browsing through my documents folder I came across some interesting things I thought I’d post. If you look on the right-hand menu, under ‘Downloads’ you will find a link to a short story (*.docx format) I wrote a number of years past. It is about how I met the first love of my life, Julie, in the local pub (The Main Top) in WestBank, Widnes. Sadly she passed away in September 2002. Have a look at ‘A Boy and a Girl’ to see how Julie and I first met.

In the folder I discovered some stuff about writing related to plots and structures of stories and screenplays. Here is a great romance plot from ‘Adventureland‘ (it stars Kristen Stewart) that follows a love story between a boy and a girl – unrelated to my short story about Julie.. It follows the typical structure.

The Boy Meets the Girl Plot Template

  1. The Boy and Girl become friends
  2. The Boy meets the Guy who he reveres and sees as a “real man” – the guy is everything the boy only ever dreams about being – dangerous, confident, married and promiscuous
  3. Another girl tells the Boy that a Guy they know is cheating on his wife.
  4. The Girl tries to deter her friendship with the Boy from developing further
  5. So the Boy goes out with Another girl and asks her to keep their date secret, so as not to hurt the Girl
  6. Unbeknown to the Boy the Girl has an ongoing secret sexual relationship with the man
  7. The Boy feels guilty about dating Another girl and tells the Girl about the date – he still wants their friendship to deepen. The Girl is deeply hurt and walks off.
  8. The pressure of being the “other woman” leads to the girl ending their torrid affair
  9. But not before the Boy gets told by an acquaintance that the Girl and the Guy have been seen getting real close sexually.
  10. The Boy gets upset and confronts the Girl as she leaves the guys apartment secretly avoiding the Guy’s wife.
  11. The Boy goes out with the Another girl and tells her everything about his feelings and the Girl and the Guy, when she promises to keep the secret
  12. The Another girl promptly tells all her friends about the Girl and the Guy.
  13. The Girl is horrified and upset to find out everyone knows about her sexual habits and think she is an easy lay
  14. The Girl leaves town to escape their stares and whispers.
  15. The Boy realises his stupidity and goes after her.
  16. Boy and Girl re-meet and they both explain their deep regrets over their behaviour
  17. Boy and Girl end up together.

I love weepy stories and happy endings. I am not a ‘Steel Magnolias‘ kind of guy.

Lilith’s Crazy Sisters

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As you may know, Lilith is a Dark Immortal – an immortal human being who breathes, eats and does drugs just like all other humans… okay, maybe not the drugs part, but, anyways, Lilith is a drug-taking human – just immortal. She was murdered by her older siblings, Petros and Tiamat. She was given a second chance to live by the angel Samael. He gave her that chance on several conditions. So, Lilith finds herself fighting ‘evil’.

I thought I would introduce you to Tiamat, or a picture of what I see her as looking like:


Tiamat was born in 588 BC in Samara, Persia, often seen as the birthplace of humanity, two and half years before Lilith. She was a nervous and passive girl who blindly followed her older sister Petros. This resulted in her torturing and helping to kill Lilith. She had blue/green eyes, stood 5’3″ high and loved to play in the reeds by the Tigris.

What “Lilith” does not cover to any great extent is the reasons why Petros and Tiamat killed both Lilith and their younger brother, Kasparek. Now, I won’t spoil anything that happens either in Lilith or any subsequent book, or short story, but the two of them were not simple bullies. Lilith goes through her immortal existence believing them to have been evil humans with psychopathic tendencies: in fact their torturing of both herself and her brother were not done in “the heat of the moment”. The killing of Lilith and later, Kasparek, was deliberate and cold…

One day I may write their stories and explain , like WTF would make two kids kill their brother and sister?

Just a quick update: finally my writing is back up and humming along. Productivity is on the rise almost in direct correlation to the improvement in my health. It’s back to work this week again (touch-wood for luck), and I’m putting in some good numbers on Lilith.

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