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A ‘By the the Book’ Plot – Romance

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on March 20, 2012 by Kaden Brown

Browsing through my documents folder I came across some interesting things I thought I’d post. If you look on the right-hand menu, under ‘Downloads’ you will find a link to a short story (*.docx format) I wrote a number of years past. It is about how I met the first love of my life, Julie, in the local pub (The Main Top) in WestBank, Widnes. Sadly she passed away in September 2002. Have a look at ‘A Boy and a Girl’ to see how Julie and I first met.

In the folder I discovered some stuff about writing related to plots and structures of stories and screenplays. Here is a great romance plot from ‘Adventureland‘ (it stars Kristen Stewart) that follows a love story between a boy and a girl – unrelated to my short story about Julie.. It follows the typical structure.

The Boy Meets the Girl Plot Template

  1. The Boy and Girl become friends
  2. The Boy meets the Guy who he reveres and sees as a “real man” – the guy is everything the boy only ever dreams about being – dangerous, confident, married and promiscuous
  3. Another girl tells the Boy that a Guy they know is cheating on his wife.
  4. The Girl tries to deter her friendship with the Boy from developing further
  5. So the Boy goes out with Another girl and asks her to keep their date secret, so as not to hurt the Girl
  6. Unbeknown to the Boy the Girl has an ongoing secret sexual relationship with the man
  7. The Boy feels guilty about dating Another girl and tells the Girl about the date – he still wants their friendship to deepen. The Girl is deeply hurt and walks off.
  8. The pressure of being the “other woman” leads to the girl ending their torrid affair
  9. But not before the Boy gets told by an acquaintance that the Girl and the Guy have been seen getting real close sexually.
  10. The Boy gets upset and confronts the Girl as she leaves the guys apartment secretly avoiding the Guy’s wife.
  11. The Boy goes out with the Another girl and tells her everything about his feelings and the Girl and the Guy, when she promises to keep the secret
  12. The Another girl promptly tells all her friends about the Girl and the Guy.
  13. The Girl is horrified and upset to find out everyone knows about her sexual habits and think she is an easy lay
  14. The Girl leaves town to escape their stares and whispers.
  15. The Boy realises his stupidity and goes after her.
  16. Boy and Girl re-meet and they both explain their deep regrets over their behaviour
  17. Boy and Girl end up together.

I love weepy stories and happy endings. I am not a ‘Steel Magnolias‘ kind of guy.

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