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True Blood’s Take On Lilith

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This week’s episode of True Blood is as ever exciting, even without the usual levels of violence and sex associated with the hit vampire series.

For me it was remarkable for the central position given by The Authority (equivalent to the Council in my own Rhesus A) to Lilith. Now, Lilith is a major figure in The Bible – her being Adam’s first wife and all – but the Vampire Authority has its own bible and it pre-dates the Christian one. In the vamp bible Lilith is the one original vampire, and The Authority even has a prayer in her honour, much like the Christian Lord’s Prayer:

“The blood of Lilith. The First, The Last, The Eternal. We are born of Lilith, she who was created in God’s image. The First, The Last, The Eternal. We swear fealty to the Blood and to the Progenitor The First, the Last, The Eternal. Lord and Lilith, Father and Mother, protect us as we protect you, From this day until the hour of the True Death… And in Lord and Lilith’s name we say… Vampyr.”

The Lilith in my world is not a vampire, rather she is an immortal human, returned to ever-lasting life by the angel Samael. She was born in Sammara, Persia (Sammara is now in Iraq) around 500BC, at a time of war and mega violence. Lilith and her brother were murdered by their siblings which Lilith stills sees as an awful and natural consequence of bullying. Samael wants Lilith to learn to forgive those who killed her. But in her drug-addled and sex-addicted state it seems like an impossible task, one that she doesn’t even comprehend.

So in my Rhesus A world Lilith is immortal, but she is human. Just like the vampires of her world she can die, so she is not really immortal, in the sense that some things can kill her.

Tear out her heart, or take her head, then Lilith is as good as dead…

Oh, I almost forgot. The preview of Lilith (the first half of the book) is still available for preview. If you would like to have a sneak-peek  visit and download Lilith. Be sure to leave your comments and star-rating.


Digit with a mission

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So here I am back in Christchurch, happy to get back to work and struggle on with Lilith, wishing I could be racing onwards with Vanguard Coven (now part of the Rhesus A series…), hoping to get some muscle work at the store, get fitter, and yep, you guessed it, I come down with the mighty flu’.

Not only that, which has put a real dent in my mental stability and self determination, but along comes the need for flipping surgery on my toe. It’s a toe that’s done everything to get at me over the years: anything to bring me down. Crushed by a boat; almost cut off by a misplaced shovel; devastated by a fungal infection; toe nail removal; fracture and re-fracture caused by fall in wet weather (I. Was. Not. Drunk!) and an earthquake (yep boss, it happens to me too you know); and now the god-damn need to have the toe nail partially but permanantly removed due to a whopper of an ingrown nail. The doctors says he’s gonna photograph it – I’ll have to see if he’ll give me the pic.

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Read, read, read…

Posted in Rhesus A - a Vanguard Newborn, Update with tags , , , , , on March 29, 2011 by Kaden Brown

Part of what makes me tick, makes me who I am is the books that I read. Over the years I must have read hundreds of books – for pleasure and study. Yet, I have few books in my possession that I read before I came to New Zealand.

So, since the beginning of 2009 I have been keeping the books I read. I don’t know how others feel about books but the loss of all those great lost stories rankles with me. Isaac Asimov (Foundation yeah), Stephen J. Donaldson (vertigo anyone?), Tolkein (God damn hobbits), Clive Barker (he really blew me away!) were some of the great writers I grew up with.

Recently I’ve been on an on-going spending splurge of up to $nz30 each week on adult and YA fiction about the darker side of life: vampires, witches, werewolves, demons, incubus, succbus, angels, hunters, Moroi and Strigoi, Lamia, and of course those pesky humans that love, hate, worship, sneak around and get to be lovely meals…

Here’s my top ten list of fiction I have read in the past year:

10. The Downside Ghosts (Stacia Kane)
9. Millennium Trilogy (Stieg Larsson)
8. Night World (L.J. Smith)
7. The Twilight Saga (Stephenie Meyer)
6. The Black Dagger Brotherhood (J.W. Ward)
5. Guild Hunter Novels (Nalini Singh)
4. Angel (L.A. Weatherly)
3. House of Night (P.C. and Kristen Cast)
2. Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead)
1. The Georgina Kincaid Books (Richelle Mead)

Lisbeth Salander

I would super highly recommend these books to read. Every one of them gave me an adventure and experience I loved and remember. Plus, as someone once told me ‘You should write as much as you can. But you should read even more’. Reading both entertains me and takes me to those fantastic places I can’t even imagine. Strengthening my own imagination and leading my thoughts to places, crazy places – some like those I read about!

So, the moral is: Keep reading

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