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Dee Dee “Awakening” S01E02 First Revision

Posted in Dee Dee with tags , , , on December 20, 2014 by Kaden Brown

For anyone who has read the original screenplay “Dee Dee” from many moons ago (2009/10), there is a follow-up episode screenplay now available they may be interested in.

"X" marks the spot where Dee Dee gets killed...

“X” marks the spot where Dee Dee gets killed in “Dee Dee”…

The episode was called “Awakening” and packaged in a series called “Blood Ties”. It follows the awakening of Dee Dee after her late-night attack outside her home in the Wellington suburb of Petone. The script is dated 27/11/2010. This episode later morphed into “Rhesus A” whilst “Dee Dee” morphed into the Vancouver-set screenplay “The Fall of Dee“.


The final scenes have been deleted from this copy. The series was never optioned, never produced, but hey – it was a fun experience. (If you are after the Final Draft version of something drop me a line.)

When the current book (“Wear A Flower In Your Hair…“) is all finished and published there is absolutely no doubt that I will be returning to screenwriting. It is where my heart is and after an absence of a few years there are some brilliant projects waiting to be hammered out.

On that issue, locally, there is some great young drama talent that I would dearly love to work with. So in the back of my head is a musical that one day may get done. Though, now I think about it, there are so many projects to do, where on earth do I start? A huge dream is to write for Kristen Stewart (and Rob too?) so maybe that could be possible… who knows. It’s a dream.


“Rhesus A” Comes Back

Posted in Rhesus A - a Vanguard Newborn with tags , , , , , , , , , , on November 26, 2013 by Kaden Brown

Happy news just in time for Christmas and the New Year: “Rhesus A – a Vanguard Newborn” about our favourite baby vamp, Zetty, has been re-published just in time for those intrigued readers.


Though the edition that is being published is the original hardcopy only, which includes the original draft version of the first chapter or-so of “Lilith”, there are plans afoot to get “Rhesus A” edited at some stage in the future. Sadly, an error during the extremely late stages of writing saw all the formatting of the book lost. So I thank my lucky stars that the book even survived! However, there is no timeline on possible editing.

For what will possibly be a limited time you can buy the hardcopy version (all 424 pages) of “Rhesus A” from Amazon (link coming asap, and CreateSpace:

Major Issues Ashley Must Deal With

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Over the next little while I will post essential information about Book 2 of the Ashley Zetterburg series, “O-Negative“. There is so much happening that it may seem overload at first. Hence, these little break-downs as to what Zetty is up to, what she thinks and feels about things, and introducing key characters, most of whom survive “O-Negative”, and continue as part of her life throughout the series.

Zetty gets a tattoo in recognition of her services. I haven't decided, but I tyhink she would like this one.... but Popov wants to put her mark on Ashley and claim her as her own. For ever.

Zetty gets a tattoo in recognition of her services. I haven’t decided, but I think she would like this one…. Popov wants to put her mark on Ashley and claim her as her own. For ever.

First up, let’s take a look at Ashley’s problems – the major issues she is trying to deal with, questions she has, and problems she has no god-damn idea how to deal with.

1) Ashley wants desperately to find her brother, Jason. He had been believed dead after going missing on a walk in the mountains of Wales. Then Ashley finds out (in “Rhesus A”) that he is not dead, and is probably in Moscow where he is a Facilitator in the List Society (the List Society Facilitators ensure close adherence to security and legal requirements as directed by the Vampyre Council). Popov says she knows his whereabouts and has used that as a coercement to get Ashley’s cooperation in bringing the perpetrator of the LA Massacre to justice (Elizabeth, her best friend when Ashley was still human, called Dee Dee). Popov suggested that she would put Ashley in contact with Jason after that mission. Will the creepy Overlord Popov keep her word? Or did Ashley assume too much?

2) With her training as Inductee of the Black Society taking almost all her time, Ashley’s relationship with Miguel begins to worsen. Being apart 24/7 sees the two lovers grow apart, just as Ashley discovers new vampire friends her own age. How will Ashley handle seeing her boyfriend less and less? In addition there are Vampyre Council secrets that soon become apparent – Mig’s practice of keeping two drugged-up humans in his apartment block, as readily available food, is not as uncommon as people have suggested. Oh boy, is she in for a shock!

3) Ashley is not permitted to contact her coven back home in England. She understands that they did bad things and protected a crazy and psychopathic Elizabeth, but Ashley literally has no other family she can call her own. Their abandonment of her and the discovery of Elizabeth’s secret, plus her own enraged assault on her best friend, have left emotional marks Ashley thinks she will carry for the rest of her undead existence.

There are heaps and heaps of more interesting issues Ashley must deal with and confront. Then there are all her new friends and acquaintances she meets at the LA base… oh, that is another story: Ashley choose to become a Vanguard (a spy) but what she did not know is that the vanguards are the most highly trained operatives of the Council. They have to be good at everything and that means Ashley has to go through Warrior training with the Blood Red Society. Heck, she is hopping mad about that! We will meet her new friends soon.

“The Fall of Dee” Screenplay

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It’s been a while, so here is a quick update on things.

No editing of “Lilith” has started yet due to travel and moving. Hopefully things get started at some stage.

Plus, my screenplay “The Fall of Dee” has been submitted to Amazon Studios. Hopefully, things go well and it garners some attention.

Happy new year everyone.

Vanguard Newborn Preview Available

Posted in Rhesus A - a Vanguard Newborn, Uncategorized, Update with tags , , , , on January 15, 2012 by Kaden Brown

After a couple of eventful days checking the proof of VN, things have advanced remarkably well.

As of now, VN is available for free preview at CreateSpace. You can click here to download the pdf version.

In addition, you can leave your own review and answer questions about the book, plus give it a rating.

So go for it, have a read, give me and everyone else your opinion.

FYI, VN will be officially published in February.

I got proof!

Posted in Dee Dee, Rhesus A - a Vanguard Newborn, Uncategorized, Update with tags , , , , , on January 8, 2012 by Kaden Brown

Blow me down. The proof copy of Vanguard Newborn has finally arrived, totally blowing my mind. Maybe I need a celebration. It will have to wait until I have read the thing in totality though.

First looks and having read chapters 1-3 and I am surprised. Shocked. Elated! The book is way better than I had anticipated. Like, ready to pick-up from Paper Plus and buy. Really, really overwhelming to say the least.

Sure, there are a few (very few actually) things that may need fixing for the book to be absolutely perfect. Whether-or-not I fix those things will have to be decided over the next weeks or so. In the bigger scheme of things they are so minor I’m certain any reader will barely notice them.

In the next week the retail price for VN will be decided, as will the possibility of distribution outside of the US. I’m not happy with the forecasted price, hoping that it could be kept well below the NZ$30 mark (preferably RRP of NZ$22.99 or thereabouts). We’ll have to see.

Regardless, I gotta keep on writing.

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9…

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Right, I’m up to chapter nine of Lilith and thought I’d throw a bone to anyone who crosses the blog. Anyone who has read the opening chapters (check the earlier posts/pages for them) will know the the story is set in Detroit.

Here is where the action starts with blood and gore (at the Detroit P.D.):

At some stage I will have to introduce you to a few other characters, Aytal in particular, maybe Chucky and Vince too…

On other issues, my Dee Dee and State of Trance film scripts failed to progress to the final twelve of the Make My Movie competition. No worries, I wish the twelve successful ideas (judged on idea and… poster design! WTF?) all the best. Anyways, my screenplays probably need a bit more than $100,000 to do properly. Either way, it ain’t gonna stop me.

Lilith word count : 14588 (and listening the The Beatle’s White Album…)

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