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With Svetlana, Misha and Lucy…

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Wonder what I’m working on this damp day…

Enjoy and be nice to each other 🙂

Mixture of the old and new (circa 1960) in Zelenograd’s 6th District


Tripping back to Ancient Persia

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The part that follows “Lilith” is exciting. This book will be the second of three, to be called either “Aytal” – after the lead male character  or “A-Cee” the new protagonist Si-Kee friend of Lilith. The third and final book of the trilogy has not yet been named. The trilogy will be compiled into one book called “Immortal Forever” (#immortal4eva).

Persian Immortals attack Alexander's army.

Persian Immortals attack Alexander’s army. An intriguing coincidence?

First though, here is Lilith remembering what went down, before her siblings killed her…

Mama seemed worried, as if she was deep in thought, contemplating something bad or faced with a problem she could not find the solution to. Dressed in her russet colored top and brown woolen dress she stood with her back to me, her sad demeanor instantly stopping me in my running excitement of play and imposing on me a sudden anxiety full of dread and fear of the unknown. Whatever had my mama worried could only be bad for me and my siblings.

I wondered where paps was. Looking around the dark house it was clear he was nowhere inside. He had to be out in the heat, probably inspecting the wheat up by the village wall. Tiamat and Petros were playing with boulders, down by the river where I had just left them a few minutes previous. © Kaden Brown. All rights reserved 2011-14. Kasparek was playing in the reeds upstream a bit. Here was the most important person in my life in obvious distress and worry; I just stood there cradling the bowl made from clay that I’d made with enthusiasm and pride, running back home to show her and paps my new work ready to be fired.

Instead, I stood there a little breathless, trying to still my lungs as my heart beat ever stronger and the echoes of my feet died with my realization.

“Mama? Look at what I made, mama.” I pleaded with her, simply hoping she would acknowledge me and give that big huge smile that she had. If she did that I would be happy. It would mean that mama was fine and there was nothing to be scared of. Instead she remained standing there, hands clasped to the bench, turned away.

Now this had me scared. Mama was rarely angry with me or in such a bad mood I could not get her attention. Putting the unbaked clay bowl down on the floor I nervously played with my dirty fingers, puzzled as to what to do.

“Mama, what is wrong?”

“Lilita, my young nightling, were it but for your papa I would have nee only two children, for we can ill afford to keep twice that number.”

This unkind way of speaking to me was a shock. I froze where I stood, my feet suddenly heavy and my head swimming so fast I could barely move. Surely she was losing her mind, or something terrible had happened.

“Why do you say that? What have I done?” © Kaden Brown. All rights reserved 2011-14.

Seeing mama turn around and look down at me should have been a moment of joy, as it had been hundreds of times previous. The feeling that something had happened, changed, struck me again, like a finality of consequence beyond which I could never forget. I stood there transfixed through fear as the giant looming figure of my mama stepped closer.

“Go outside. You paps will be home soon with the sun setting. Make sure your sisters come and see me. Go now and tell them both to come see me.”

Turning from the cool darkness of my family home I stepped outside into the blazing sun all ready to sprint to Tiamat and Petros to fetch them home. Before I did so, I hesitated, standing in the dusty dirt outside and peered into the house where my mama was standing hands to her face in tears, where she collapsed to the floor with catatonia.

Something very, very bad and awful was happening. I had to go get my sisters home urgently. With a self-reassuring resolve I tore my eyes from that awful sight of my mother, and ran from my home toward the river.

© Kaden Brown. All rights reserved 2011-14.

Win A Free Copy Of Lilith

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As part of the launch of “Lilith” I am giving away ten copies of the paperback edition to readers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. All you have to do is visit Goodreads by following the link below and enter to win a copy, if you are one of the lucky ones drawn, that is.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Lilith by Kaden Brown


by Kaden Brown

Giveaway ends June 30, 2013.

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Want A Great Read? See What Others Say About “Lilith”

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So “Lilith” seems to be garnering positive reviews on Amazon. Here is the latest:

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book, cannot wait for the sequel 🙂 10 Jun 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I enjoyed this book very much, upon finishing the book I wanted the sequel – forgetting this was only released recently.
Well written book that doesn’t drag on, immediately into the action with great character depth. I liked how you’ve got two journeys into one, not only Lilith’s action packed life but her emotional development too, you can imagine how she begins to blossom.
Pleased this was free – thanks to Kaden Brown & Amazon for allowing me to stumble upon this. I cannot wait to read what happens next 🙂
Yep, it is a great little read, even if I say so myself. Many thanks go to all who have thus-far downloaded the Kindle edition. You can download Lilith from here.

Sixty Errors In A Day Of Reading

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Just finished reading the proof of “Lilith” and I am impressed by the story and how I have told it. Not withstanding that however, is the fact that the book needs to be fixed of 60 teeny-weeny errors, before getting the ‘okay’ from me.


That process should be done by later tonight, and I can order what I hope are the final proofs for checking. When I receive that batch, and I will be ordering a number of them for certain people who make-up my informal reading group, things will progress very quickly to the point of “Lilith” being available on the shop shelves – at-least via the internet anyways.

Unless the book makes a splash with reviewers, it probably won’t be literally sitting on your local book shop. But who knows? I think it may happen.

Hardcopy of “Lilith” Soon To Be Available

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In the last couple of days I have been reading the proof copy of “Lilith” and it is looking good. Having said that, there are some niggling doubts I have related to the ‘trade paperback’ format of the book, plus the use of over-sized fonts on the back page (for the blurb).WP_20130520_001

Reading the story itself is refreshing and actually surprising, for thus-far – and days are early – no typos or errors have been found, apart from one capitalization (“Brown” spelt as “brown”, see above) error in the pages that precede the actual story. It is no biggie… I will decide if the whole thing gets tossed after fully reading the proof. If that is the only error, then I will probably let the book format slide and give permission to publish. That should  be within a week.


Book Numbers For Lilith

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Just a quick note, letting people know that Lilith (hardcopy) has the following ISBNs:

ISBN-13: 978-1484873717
ISBN-10: 1484873718
I’m not sure when the hardcopy edition will be available, but hopefully soon.
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