Switching characters – sample text from Lilith

Here is a sample of switching between characters (from Lilith in the first person, to Aytal in the third), making use of subject and chapter changes:

© Copyright 2012, Kaden Brown. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Opening my eyes I was happily surprised to look down and see that the water going down the drain was clean and bore no trace of the blood that my body had been drenched in. If it had have been that bright, watery red draining away, perhaps my spirit would have nosedived, instead it was like thank you Almighty Seth, something was clean.

Maybe that meant one really could wash away the nagging guilt that was whispering in the back of my head. Feeling lighter and palpably fresher having scrubbed away the invisible layers of evil Finally leaving the shower, I wrapped myself in my favorite long, soft, fluffy, orange bathrobe. I sat scrubbing my long blonde hair dry, perched on the edge of the single bed.

When my hair was absolutely dry, straightened and tied back it was time.

Opening the bedside drawer I removed a belt, syringe, lighter and bag of scag. Yes, it was time to chill with my beloved H. After a mug of relaxing hot kava that was. Just what the doctor ordered!

Chapter Five

Aytal Nyurgan had been in a foul mood of late. Not that his personal shit was coming to the surface again. No, his ‘issues’ had been well under wrap for months now, ever since that new vamp had checked-in from out west somewhere.

Arcadia’s short dark hair, perfectly symmetrical features, prominent cheek bones and so attractive pink lips had led him truly up the garden path.

What was that saying again, about beauty and evil? ‘When you know beauty you know evil’? Whatever, the spiky-haired bitch with the smile had him exactly where she wanted, and had most definitely made him pay a dear price for it too.

And he’d never even touched her! She had known his thoughts all the same, and had read him from cover to cover.

© Copyright 2012, Kaden Brown. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


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