Lilith teaser – Chapter 1


© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Chapter One

Whatever I’d wanted to do I had long since accomplished.

Eons ago those fantasies I’d dreamed about as a young girl, he had offered. I accepted his proposal with no trace of guilt, nor any vestige of concern.

The world Samael had offered chased away the lingering façade of human frailty, replacing it in a single sentence with the notion of revenge, righteousness and immortality. And as he spoke, my hitherto asleep mind awoke to the reality of destiny.

“There’s just one thing Lilith,” Samael had added-on just as I was ready to accept his offer. “There is a downside, for you.”

His words rebounded in my head as I thought back to that day centuries ago, like it was now. But I couldn’t bring myself to hear those terrible deeds he had given warning to.

The pleasures of the world, in all their forms, in all their manners, would be mine to indulge. Such an offering was scarcely believable. Equally, it was irresistible in its attraction. For within me there was neither the strength to resist, nor the ability to adequately comprise an alternative. No option was offered and none was taken.

Eternal life outweighed what I would ever have to do and I had not given it a moment of thought.

Of that I was glad. Of that I am still glad. Never had the decision to heal or destroy lingered within me. Mine was a choice of fates and one that I knew would make my name live forever. Crossing my path could strike incalculable fear or unbelievable joy into the hearts of those my attention fell upon.

Looking at this lawyer across the plain table, I suddenly wasn’t sure about him. The lawyer, that is. True, I calculated, I could seduce him and get some quick pleasure from him. Try to heal him. Ripping his throat out and throwing his still pulsing Adam’s apple at the glass mirror would be simpler. There was no other soul here to stop me, if I chose that. And this was a war afterall. The eavesdropping police would have something to remember then. I smiled at him and gave a coquettish little girl look at the bespectacled academic looking man.

“I’ve slept my way across the world. I have fucked and done every conceivable drug there is, all my life. Life and death, it doesn’t matter.” I explained my life in a nutshell to the man in little more than a sentence. He looked a little taken aback, like I’d burst his bubble. “Yeah I’m a scag whore.”

I was pretty sure he hadn’t expected that one.

“Surely Lilith, you must have some feelings about what they say you did?” He asked in that smooth deep resonating voice, so ample and intoxicating for a jury to hear.

Shrugging I gave him a long hard look. “It doesn’t matter.” Something about this guy set off alarm bells in my head.

Repeating myself to a mortal enemy was so not my style. I glared at the orange man opposite. He had spent too long under the tanning spray. His demeanor flicked in an instant from confident interrogator to fearful human. A little twinge of satisfaction whispered through me like the tendril of smoke from the cigarette I was holding.

As he tried to hide his fear, his mind had already lost the battle, though physically you wouldn’t have known it. His spirit cracked and the floodgate to his memories opened to me, a teenage looking girl, with a rush.

“Ah, ‘it doesn’t matter’? What doesn’t? Your feelings?”

The pictures of him came to me as I began to sense his sickening turn-ons.

Leaning forward I whispered to him.

“You’ve done lots of bad things in your life. I know you have. Like jerking off when you were watching that, um, that pretty girl in the skirt, the one watching ball.” I stared at him as I measured his response. He showed nothing but self-righteousness. I leaned forward and whispered. “You know doing that sort of thing on the street is wrong.”

The lawyer looked aghast, like I had started spinning or levitating, or something.

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

“You have an addiction.” Leaving it at that, I let him begin to panic as he realized I knew his own weakness. I flicked the ciggie was flicked into the ashtray.


“Don’t ask ‘how’, I just do. You really should ask yourself, do you want to put a stop to your addiction? You know it will curse your life. Either, let me deal with your problem, take it away, or if I do nothing about it you will end up in jail. Maybe spread your evil thoughts to others.”

My lawyer who I’d never met before looked at me like I was mad and incomprehensible. I could feel what was coming.

Gary Adams was having none of it.

“How would you do anything? You’re just some two bit whore cunt they’ve brought in to question. Why’d you kill the woman?”

I shrugged nonchalantly, “She was evil. Didn’t want to be healed. I had no choice.”

“You can’t make those decisions. You aren’t god.” He hissed leaning over the table.

“No, I am not. But I do have his ear though. The question is do you want me to take away your sins? Heal you? The alternative right here, right now is that you get punished. Your self-abuse is the least of my concern, pedophile.”

This is war, and he’s the enemy I’d given my mortality to fight. For goodness.

The little pervert’s face dropped. He probably hadn’t reckoned on me figuring out his sordid appetite. The room stank with it.

“Huh? What the …”

“Make the decision. What do you want? To be born again, or to die? It’s a simple choice.”

Now he was leaning way too far forward, invading my sense of space. Still staring at him I drew in a deep inhalation as I lit up another Camel and pondered whether I would rid myself of this questioning imbecile. I could heal him anyway. He would never know he had been saved. But he would cease to be a threat.

He had to choose for himself or else the evil within him would remain, free to gain strength and eventually lead to greater evil.

“You know that what you have done is wrong. The police deal with your sort every day. I’m gonna help them bitch. To do that -”

For a moment the only noise was the rattling of my shattered chain that the police had thought could restrain me. A little girl. They were wrong. As ever.

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

His blue visitor ID badge that read ‘Attorney Adams’ was slightly bloodied now, but he continued to look at me. His eyes got wider and wider, before they glazed over and finally rolled just as his body began to sag to one side, finally toppling off the chair.

Studying how humans die in close proximity had become something of a hobby for me, as had tasting the blood and tissue of those husks of warm meat and bone. The bad ones couldn’t die bad enough. Adams was dying way too quick to count as justice. But it was something and that was better than Samael being pissed at me for being lenient.

The heart in my hand still pumped as I held it up level with my eyes, for all to see. Quickly, the dark red organ encased in whitish fat slowed its motion and lay dormant, lifeless, the last of the blood dripping to a deep red pool on the table top. Through my fingers it dripped. From beyond the glass partition panic was audible as the officials and police watching awoke from their shock to get in the room.

My eyes went to the bloodied body across from me as it twitched, barely perceptible to human eyes. All too clear to mine though.

“Obviously you chose not to repent.”

Lifting up the fresh meat I closed her eyes and savored its iron and salt odor. Such a fine meal I would surely enjoy. The blood was still warm as I tentatively slid her tongue inside a ventricle. A little spasm of delight coursed through my veins sending a shudder of ecstasy through my body.

Closing my eyes I whispered the incantation I had so long ago been taught in ancient Sumerian.

“My enemy shall be your lifeblood. Savor the taste and worship the god who has given their blood as I do consume it.”

I opened her eyes to see the ceiling.

“It doesn’t matter.” I repeated to the dead piece of scum, in the second before I ripped out a bite of his heart with gleaming white razor sharp teeth. With the spoken words and the taste of the blood, his spirit was mine. That would make me stronger.

Tasting the blood and sucking the juices from the organ my body was orgasmic. A feeling like that which I had enjoyed on countless occasions overwhelmed me to the point of quickening. Accepting Samael’s offer on that windswept mountain had given me an eternity to live and a reward none could refuse or deny.


Living forever was the farthest thing on my mind before I’d met Samael. I had never even heard of him, or his kind. My life was too full of the things children did then, and youths still do to this day.

Whereas kids now may loiter about shiny busy shopping malls, eyeing the latest fashions and luxuries, so did teenagers in my youth, in different ways. Though to be honest, in the fields and reeds surrounding the dusty little village it seemed that we grew up much younger. From the day I could walk it seemed a life of working the fields helping my sisters or meddling with clay. My dream was to become a famous potter known across Mesopotamia and afar.

Children work later in life now and a have a real life of fun. Still, my two sisters and brother did relax too, playing in the canals, throwing makeshift spears and wandering to the nearest market.

Unlike my sturdy sandy haired sisters who always looked big and mean compared to my skinny, small figure, I gravitated toward my brother. Maybe the three year age gap between Tiamat and me made Kasparek my small demur brother, who was not a year younger than myself, a natural playmate. Maybe like all first born siblings, the strong Petros was in another world, aloof and self regarding.

Kasparek and I kept away from Petros and Tiamat if the truth be known. Maybe that was where the trouble first began. As the older sibling Petros’s tongue could cut a stone in two or send water tumbling uphill. Realizing her bark was really as bad as her bite drove Kasparek and me from mixing with our older sisters, seeking solace away from the activities they deigned to undertake.

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

The bullying and physical abuse my sister subjected us to eventually reached its logical conclusion. The consequence of that was now. Centuries later, finding myself in modern America surrounded by material wonders in such abundance, I wondered how my world had transpired from that of farm girl peasant to deadly immortal bent upon revenge. The taste of blood was so sweet that its mere consideration had barely ever come to mind.

The violence I had so borne during those human years had been the death of me. Literally. The deal I had made was based on the childish desire for revenge in exchange for never-ending life. With the zest and zeal only assumed by the monsters of the deepest, darkest nightmares my thousands of years amongst mortals had been almost entirely driven by bloodlust.

It was my vengeful instinct that drove me to destroy all those that betrayed the god-given trust and righteousness bestowed upon humanity.
Samael had made me what the ancient humans had called a ‘Dark Immortal’, capable of horrors in the name of doing good. Someone had to do the job. Just that people had the wrong impression of my kind. They had no real idea that such immortals actually existed and the very nature of our job meant that what humans saw was to them, sheer horror and the stuff of nightmares. Some legends are actually true.

The quickening warmed me and excited me. The death of evil gave me the strength to live.

The lying, stinking abusive cops that had grabbed me deserved to die. Along with all those that stood in the way of goodness and respect. The lawyer’s attitude stank of evil. His very tone betraying leering sadism he dreamed of every night. He had deserved to die.

The black mop like haired angel Samael had said, “Go back Lilith. Understand and forgive those that sent you here. Seek happiness and do good in my name. One day you may understand and learn to forgive those responsible.”

Understanding the darkness of humanity was not something I had wanted to confront, not to understand. Yet… here I was.

Not really pure of heart, and with the scars to prove it.

When the bunch of police raced into the cell little old me had already moved position, recharged by the quickening. They came through the door as I watched from behind it. Stepping out from my hiding place I grabbed the third cop’s gun and snapping his forearm as my right foot crushed the second cop’s temple with a roundhouse kick. He barely had time to see me. Except my foot that is. The first guy caught bullets in the upper arm, neck and face as he swung around toward me. He didn’t even get his weapon drawn and slunk down to the cell floor.

Two more policemen were outside the door and they were reaching for their guns. Thankfully, I still had hold of the cop with the broken arm and threw him at them. In the confusion another shot sounded as they fell under the guy’s weight.

Pouncing at them through the doorway, I had ripped their throats out in a flash, one with each hand. Without stopping I raced into the observation room and hurled the camera and computer equipment into the opposite wall and proceeded to stamp it into oblivion. In seconds I was a blur of movement through the closing security door and out the building.

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


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