Going Away and Coming Home

Going Away and Coming Home

Exquisite face, attracts me.
The wave of your hand, sends me running to you.
Injury and need, makes my heart turn cold.
As fear and worry rip me in bits, like a scared rabbit.

Your smile, when I get close.
Embarrassment and joy, as only we know the truth.
My heart beats a rhythm, stilted and staggered.
No smile like yours, can ever be measured.

Crossing paths, an innocent meet.
Again and again, only to be dragged apart.
We talked and bantered, a trust growing.
Until that day, when our eyes met.

Breathless and shaken, a new world born.
Our realisation of power, our connection so strong.
But prying eyes, a girl watched in awe.
She just had to tell, of two so close.

So strange it should happen, mere seconds to fall.
In love with her, a desire unspoken.
To see your face, is to see a goddess.
No man could resist, my reaction not that.

Clinging to your notes, a possibility of dreams.
No person can know, their eyes dance with revenge.
One day we shall speak, of this desire so ruined.
When age and job, cease to conspire and destroy.

Together in that intimate way, can never be real.
Despite our hopes and dreams, and that attraction.
For you are leaving, a heart broken.
A million pieces shattered, only relations to see.

Hoping you return, as a drug in withdrawal.
Sensing a change, or impending doom.
Time will tell, if we can be.
For to escape those prying eyes, we can grow.

In time the truth can be said, as it probably has now.
To honest heart and motherly kind.
Let me be there, to worry and fret.
For your soul should live forever, and your heart beat strong.

She visits each day, the briefest of contact.
To ignore me, and subtly avoid.
Yet therein lies the solution, to save our shattered bond.
A home for my heart, and a care for you.

So come back, return to your life.
Continue and be strong, happy and safe.
Dance to your heart, and break those that fail.
For reason and excuse, in your life I do wish to be.

© Kaden Brown. All rights reserved, 2013.


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