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“Rhesus A” Now On Kindle

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After a very long wait, the second edition of “Rhesus A” is now available on Kindle.


Pre-publication poster of the book, now called “Rhesus A”.


To purchase visit Amazon Kindle, or simply visit and buy the story of vampire Ashley for just £3.42 (please note, the price can change without notice) in the UK.

Hopefully, this edition has fixed the errors… please let me know if problems still persist.


This Is Zelenograd

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Shoot Me Quick

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My latest script proposal has been submitted to a NZ’er-only competition. You can take a look at and “like” the proposal at Make My Movie:

shootmequick_promo1A perverted introvert loner wonders the streets and clubs of Wellington searching for that elusive joy, that moment of ultimate pleasure for him to record. Pray that you don’t meet him on your next night out.

He has a job, but he’s excluded. Left behind and ignored. Jeered at. Laughed at.

With no friends, out of control sexual urges, and morbid fantasies, Kaden’s only company is that which he records. Prowling the dark streets and crowded clubs and bars of Wellington City he seeks those rare moments of excitement and pleasure that he can keep for himself forever.

Picking-up those too gone to realise, or following those that do, Kaden takes his sole pleasure in tracking them and slaughtering them. In the back store room, the darkened alley, the massage parlour, the college house. A darkened street.

All the time he records on his phone, lurid, bloody and the only satisfaction he can ever get.
Word spreads as the killings increase, spurring a maddening rush by locals to find and stop the “Shoot Me Quick” serial killer.

Guns/assault weapons: how to make me sick

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Recently, as part of writing a screenplay about gun violence (called “Shady Oaks” at the moment; as well as being about pharmaceutical drug use, teenage delinquency, domestic violence and racism) I have had to do research on the internet into guns, more specifically, into assault weapons in the US.

A Beretta PX4 Storm

A Beretta PX4 Storm

I have never fired a gun, and a shiver of fear actually passes through me when I even see one. They do chill me to the bone. After-all, guns are made to kill things, animals and humans.

What is absolutely shocking is to find that there are publicly available in many US states, weapons that in my opinion, should not even by manufactured. We’re talking about automatic weapons (machine guns?) that have standardized STANAG ‘fittings’ (STANAG, meaning “Standardization Agreement”, which was established to enable the easy adaptability of ammunition and equipment between armed forces) allowing for clip, box, and casket magazines. Invariably demand seems to encourage the usage of High Capacity Magazines which can hold up to (or more than) 100 bullets. Heck, either the user is either grossly incompetent at shooting, or they’re in some sort of army/combat situation.

A Robinson XCR-L Mini. Can be fitted with STANG magazine holding 100 rounds.(!) The advertizer has even styled the word "NEW!" in blood (WTF)

A Robinson XCR-L Mini. Can be fitted with STANAG magazine holding 100 rounds.(!) The advertizer has even styled the word “NEW!” in blood (WTF)

That being the case then surely such things should NOT be available to the general public to buy and potentially use against any person. I know the gun lobby argument make the owning of guns sound like a person has the “right” to such ownership, but surely, surely, these things have one purpose and only one purpose – to kill people. I won’t go into the issues related to guns (that would require me revisiting infantile and inane philosophy lessons from my university days, and I so cannot be bothered doing that) and refuse to countenance even the slim possibility that maybe gun ownership could be a good thing.

Point blank – the owning, possessing or trade of any sort of gun makes that person complicit in the murders of human beings. I do not give a damn about claimed rights to protect oneself and family. Bollocks. If I upset people, I really do not care.

Normally I try to steer clear of poilitics, American politics in particular. But on this I think even President Obama is soft on the issue: The right to own guns should be overturned. On top of that the gun manufacturers should be arrested for crimes against humanity, or at-least there should be a group action civil case brought against the various manufacturers. They have blood on their hands.

And I feel sick from seeing so many guns.

“The Fall of Dee” Screenplay

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It’s been a while, so here is a quick update on things.

No editing of “Lilith” has started yet due to travel and moving. Hopefully things get started at some stage.

Plus, my screenplay “The Fall of Dee” has been submitted to Amazon Studios. Hopefully, things go well and it garners some attention.

Happy new year everyone.

Vanguard LA

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One of the Vampire Societies is that of the Vanguards… so it is with some bemusement that Zetty is sent to the Vanguard Club to work, alongside fellow vamp, Arkady. It is Ashley’s first job and one that she grows to love. It’s the launching pad for some of the adventures and events that almost overwhelm her.

So, I thought I would show you what the Vanguard Club looks like. Yep, it is a real club, right in the heart of LA…

It is a pretty big club, much larger than what it looks like from outside. Plus, it is a favourite of the stars – performers and patrons alike – who want to be seen out and about, with the beautiful people. Hollywood at its best! If or when you visit the City of Angels, this a club you have got to experience.

“Rhesus A” Withdrawn Temporarily

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Just letting people know that Rhesus A has been pulled from sale. This means that there should be no new hardcopy or e-book versions on sale. Having said this, I am sure that some local shops and niche suppliers may still have copies available. Likewise with second-hand copies.

Books 1 and 2 of the Ashley Zetterburg series (Rhesus A and Vanguard Coven) will be edited and released at some stage in the future. A major prompt in this decision was the following review on Amazon:

New!                  JugsMacguyver reviewed Rhesus A

So close…                 6 July 2012
                    The actual storyline is great. Well paced, engaging characters, not your average vampire book. Sadly, this was hard to find through the infuriating spelling errors, grammatical errors and words that were completely omitted. It really doesn’t appear that the book was proof read at all. It’s also a bit strange that the British main character swings between calling her mother mum and mom sentence by sentence. Disappointing…
It is an enticing review, honest and informative. And I agree with it totally. So, off to the editor it is. Maybe that teaches me for not getting the manuscript edited in the first place!
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