About Kaden Brown

Writing is in Kaden’s blood. Or so it seems. Ever since learning to read, he has written. From a short story about going shopping written as a toddler, to a story of meeting a lover, Kaden wants to tell his story, or any story for that matter that he can think of.

Loving to discover hidden plots he can take the reader off on new unforeseen tangents, often surprising with the sheer horror, thrilling climax, or tear-jerking empathy. So Kaden loves writing. Obviously he loves his urban fiction, the stuff of witches, undead beings, immortals, vampires, angels and other creatures such as Si-Kee and Par-Tos, two of the terrifying Lessers capable of truly messing with anyone’s head. Yup, his characters are scary and seriously messed-up.

Yet they are believable and we punch the air with joy when they come up trumps. despite their total lack of ethics, drug use, profanity and blatant promiscuity Kaden’s characters are, in many ways, the reflection of ourselves: in them we see our own failings, our own questions, our own confusions. Hence, he makes those people us. And the result is we want to fight for them, join in their fight, help resolve their issues.

He may only be some guy who likes fine food, wine, good conversation and good coffee, but he is also a fan of fiction, an avid reader who admires the differing styles of the greats of contemporary fiction. Yet he reads many genre, but sticks mainly to mainly crime thrillers, and, naturally, urban fiction. The darker the better.

Ask him what he rates as the greatest book he has ever read and you may be surprised that he can’t answer you. Instead he will rattle-off titles – Twilight, American Psycho, Succubus Blues, High Fidelity, A Discovery of Witches… he will go on and on about the differing styles – Rice v  Meyer, Paul Cleave v Bret Easton Ellis, and Nick Hornby v J.D. Salinger.


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