Things to do in 2015

Some changes are happening in my objectives this year. Essentially I am returning to my screenwriting roots and leaving behind novels and book writing generally, as I also look to re-connect with the spiritual aspects of life.

Here is my tentative schedule for this coming year. Here’s hoping…


Ensure “Wear A Flower In Your Hair – A dialogue with Sadie Mae Glutz” is successfully published. This happens on Jan17!


Complete draft screenplay of “Shady Oaks”. This currently awaits the final act to be written.


Start writing “Syncopation” a Lindy Hop-themed dance-romance screenplay.


Prepare draft script of “Shoot Me Quick” for possible inclusion in NZ’s Make My Movie competition.


Finish 2nd Draft of “Syncopation”.

I have no real idea how things will progress, but heck, what is life without plans and dreams? At some stage I want to get to Los Angeles and/or Florida, for a week or so. People to see and places to go… Enjoy the year.


5 Responses to “Things to do in 2015”

  1. Hi, Kaden – does this mean that I still have time (2015) to continue with “Lilith 2”? If so, that is great. Wishing you a successful 2015. ~ Roland


  2. Kaden Brown Says:

    You do Roland 🙂 As I have said, it would be a pleasure to see you write part two. Naturally, I do want it to happen, and it is not going to get done by me in the near future. So, yes, please do it! The story you outlined to me is great, so just go for it and write. Just don’t re-write or unduly use part one… carry-on Lilith’s story and let me see what you do with the crazy immortal.


  3. Thank you, Kaden. You kickstarted my 2015! I will endeavor to make it worthwhile.

    My Best to you,

    ~ Roland


  4. Kaden Brown Says:

    I look forward to it. Happy new year.


  5. […] moments, realising that April is nearly half complete and I have not yet looked at my “Shady Oaks” […]


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