Acknowledgements for “Wear A Flower In Your Hair…”


For so long I thought this “interview” would never be published, as the subject matter is too serious and effects too many interested parties. But as I promised, it has been written-up and published. I will be damned, I am sure.

In getting this far heaps of people have assisted, mostly without even knowing it. First off, Heather for reminding me of all the duplicitous people I left behind. Thanks for pushing me.

All the staff at Gloria Jean’s Riccarton Mall (Westfield), for their happiness to serve me and put up with me writing in their café for hours and hours, days and days.

I have to thank Abbie for being there in the dark days when I needed a rant and support. You are a goddess amongst mortals and inspiration for a character.

Way, way before I ever thought about writing, a little baby showed me that yes I could still invent stories – so this is what I do because you made me do it.

Thanks to Roland. Man, just thinking about you gives me a guilt trip. Best wishes.

I have to thank all those people friends and strangers who said nice things and did nice things just because they are nice. And to those who praised me in the face of drivel, I thank you even more for not breaking my confidence. Here’s some more.

Don’t forget “Wear A Flower In Your Hair – A dialogue with Sadie Mae Glutz” is now available for pre-order from Amazon Kindle (USD$0.81, AUD$0.99, GBP£1.02). Note that these prices can change without notice. The book is released on January 17, 2015, so there is just under three weeks to wait.


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