Author Notes for “Wear A Flower In Your Hair…”

Okay, I decided that given the nature of the book I had better offer some notes to the reader or potential reader. Ideally they will be read prior to reading the book…

The Author’s Notes can be found here

The are some important matters issues related to this book that the potential reader must be aware of, prior to reading the book.

Of critical importance is the characterization of what the story is and what it is not.

“Wear A Flower In Your Hair – a dialogue with Sadie Mae Glutz” is NOT a true account of either Susan Atkin’s life or Helter Skelter (as associated with the prosecution thesis advanced by Vincent Bugliosi).  Neither is any part of the book an accurate or even an attempt at portraying the murders of Tate-La Bianca et al.

The book IS a fictional interview that never actually took place, ever. The author and Susan Atkins never met or communicated with each other.

Accordingly, in keeping with the fictional nature of the “interview” liberties have been taken to introduce events, places, names and ideas that are not connected with any person, living or dead.

The book contains some extremely serious and very disturbing content of sexual and criminal nature. Neither the author nor the publisher advocates such gratuitous violence and sexual conduct. Kaden Brown reiterates that the philosophical ideas in the book are fictional and serve no intent to encourage violence or criminal actions.

The author advises readers of  “Wear A Flower In Your Hair – a dialogue with Sadie Mae Glutz” that the book is a difficult read as it discusses intellectually challenging matters of philosophy relating to life and death and rationale for murder. Because of these reasons the author states that the book is intended for persons 18 years of age or older.

The content and story of the book contains references to artists, persons, music, and other entities that may or may not exist currently or previously. As such artistic licence has been taken to intertwine those entities and music into the book. The author does not implicate any entity in the events of the book as related to Helter Skelter, Susan Atkins, or any criminal wrong-doing.

In reading “Wear A Flower In Your Hair – a dialogue with Sadie Mae Glutz” Kaden Brown advises the reader to hold an open mind and not take the book too seriously as an historical piece. It is in the alternative history and fiction genre.

The author advises the reader to cast a critical eye over the philosophical aspects of the book. Much of the content is allegorical in nature, and often not intended to be taken literally. It is advised that the book be read and studied in association with other persons so as to avoid harmful interpretation.

Kaden Brown hopes the reader can take some pleasure and some intellectual gain from the book, which is not an easy or quick read. He offers to be available for comment and is more than willing to offer his own interpretation of statements or content of the book.

Yep, the book is potentially damaging and harmful. Hopefully at some stage I get the chance to discuss the philosophical aspects of the book so that readers have some guidance material on how to read it safely.


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  1. […] At some stage I will be writing a short compendium to go with the book. This will help explain some of the weirdness, inconsistencies and philosophical difficulties with the book and the characters. After all, the lead character is a bit strange… For now, I advise you to read the Author’s Notes. […]


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