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Acknowledgements for “Wear A Flower In Your Hair…”

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For so long I thought this “interview” would never be published, as the subject matter is too serious and effects too many interested parties. But as I promised, it has been written-up and published. I will be damned, I am sure.

In getting this far heaps of people have assisted, mostly without even knowing it. First off, Heather for reminding me of all the duplicitous people I left behind. Thanks for pushing me.

All the staff at Gloria Jean’s Riccarton Mall (Westfield), for their happiness to serve me and put up with me writing in their café for hours and hours, days and days.

I have to thank Abbie for being there in the dark days when I needed a rant and support. You are a goddess amongst mortals and inspiration for a character.

Way, way before I ever thought about writing, a little baby showed me that yes I could still invent stories – so this is what I do because you made me do it.

Thanks to Roland. Man, just thinking about you gives me a guilt trip. Best wishes.

I have to thank all those people friends and strangers who said nice things and did nice things just because they are nice. And to those who praised me in the face of drivel, I thank you even more for not breaking my confidence. Here’s some more.

Don’t forget “Wear A Flower In Your Hair – A dialogue with Sadie Mae Glutz” is now available for pre-order from Amazon Kindle (USD$0.81, AUD$0.99, GBP£1.02). Note that these prices can change without notice. The book is released on January 17, 2015, so there is just under three weeks to wait.


Top Ten 2014

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The year is almost over, as I wait for the Christmas lunch to go down to make-way for tonight’s huge stew… Four days off work, no money, a crap internet provider, and last second doubts about my latest ramblings in “Wear a Flower In Your Hair – a dialogue with Sadie Mae Glutz” (I know, a really catchy name, eh) which will probably be justified at multiple levels.

As they say, “publish and be damned!”. That is me. As I’m waiting for the next pay check, and living off my savings here’s a quick look at my Top Ten of books, films…and anything else that was my life in 2014:

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Author Notes for “Wear A Flower In Your Hair…”

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Okay, I decided that given the nature of the book I had better offer some notes to the reader or potential reader. Ideally they will be read prior to reading the book…

The Author’s Notes can be found here

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Dee Dee “Awakening” S01E02 First Revision

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For anyone who has read the original screenplay “Dee Dee” from many moons ago (2009/10), there is a follow-up episode screenplay now available they may be interested in.

"X" marks the spot where Dee Dee gets killed...

“X” marks the spot where Dee Dee gets killed in “Dee Dee”…

The episode was called “Awakening” and packaged in a series called “Blood Ties”. It follows the awakening of Dee Dee after her late-night attack outside her home in the Wellington suburb of Petone. The script is dated 27/11/2010. This episode later morphed into “Rhesus A” whilst “Dee Dee” morphed into the Vancouver-set screenplay “The Fall of Dee“.


The final scenes have been deleted from this copy. The series was never optioned, never produced, but hey – it was a fun experience. (If you are after the Final Draft version of something drop me a line.)

When the current book (“Wear A Flower In Your Hair…“) is all finished and published there is absolutely no doubt that I will be returning to screenwriting. It is where my heart is and after an absence of a few years there are some brilliant projects waiting to be hammered out.

On that issue, locally, there is some great young drama talent that I would dearly love to work with. So in the back of my head is a musical that one day may get done. Though, now I think about it, there are so many projects to do, where on earth do I start? A huge dream is to write for Kristen Stewart (and Rob too?) so maybe that could be possible… who knows. It’s a dream.

Promo video for “Wear A Flower In Your Hair – a dialogue with Sadie Mae Glutz” (HD)

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This is so exciting!

Sneak Preview: “Wear A Flower In Your Hair: A Dialogue With Sadie Mae Glutz”

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In anticipation, here is a treat for devoted watchers of my blog.

On January 17, 2015 “Wear A Flower In Your Hair: A Dialogue With Sadie Mae Glutz” is released at Amazon Kindle.

This book is for adults. Contains graphic descriptions of family dysfunction, swearing, sex, drug use, murder, and justification for murder.


Cover and description:


The story of Sexy Sadie as told by herself from prison. A shocking and horrific account as to what happened and why, explaining the real philosophy behind her mass murdering – a powerful belief system that shakes one’s own sense of stability and understanding about the world and people around us. Are you ready to open your mind?

This book is for adults. Contains graphic descriptions of family dysfunction, swearing, sex, drug use, murder, and justification for murder.

‘Me, well I wanted to explore the spiritual boundaries of the human being. You know, how people feel and react to evil. You know about karma – what goes around comes around don’t you?’
‘Hmm, yeah…’
‘Huh, that’s just part of it though. You know that every early death, every evil committed against a person results in equal goodness elsewhere?’
‘What? What?’
‘Yeah. Pain is goodness. It is natural then that pleasure is badness, evil. So there is a circle: the more pain the more pleasure, the more pleasure, the more pain.’
‘Yeah, but you guys, you lived a life of pleasure, drugs and sex.’
‘So, what pain was there in doing that? You were hardly balancing out the karma were you?’
‘The pleasure we got from life, of living by our own rules – we had none – meant we had the power, inside each one of us, to continue the cycle of pain, spread it into society and help charge-up the karma cycle. The pain we caused meant more happiness.’
‘Happiness is a warm gun?’
‘Ha-ha, you have it!’
‘It is utterly mad.’
‘You see the power of what I’m saying. It scares you.’
‘Of course it does. How can you warp logic so much that innocent people die? For such a dire and terrifying possibility, that death, that pain, are good things. That they cause happiness.’
‘Yet you instinctively knew that a warm gun equals happiness?’
‘It’s the name of a fucking song, not some metaphysical empiricism!’
‘Yet you connected the idea and the song instantly.’
‘It is not that difficult. You know, to make “happiness” you cause pain.’

Here is a sneak preview of the beginning of the book:

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