Wear A Flower In Your Hair – release date Jan 17, 2015

Extract from “Wear A Flower In Your Hair”, release date Jan 17, 2015 through Amazon Kindle

Available for pre-order at Amazon KIndle for US$4.33 (free if enrolled with Prime) or AU$4.99.

The fictional story of Sexy Sadie as told by herself from prison. A shocking and horrific account as to what happened and why, explaining the real philosophy behind her mass murdering – a powerful belief system that shakes one’s own sense of stability and understanding about the world and people around us. Are you ready to open your mind?

This book is for adults. Contains graphic descriptions of family dysfunction, swearing, sex, drug use, murder, and justification for murder. Read with caution. The content of this book is fiction.

From the chapter “Prequel – California Institute for Women, Chino, CA”

‘Me, well I wanted to explore the spiritual boundaries of the human being. You know, how people feel and react to evil. You know about karma – what goes around comes around don’t you?’

‘Hmm, yeah…’

‘Huh, that’s just part of it though. You know that every early death, every evil committed against a person results in equal goodness elsewhere?’

‘What? What?’

‘Yeah. Pain is goodness. It is natural then that pleasure is badness, evil. So there is a circle: the more pain the more pleasure, the more pleasure, the more pain.’

‘Yeah, but you guys, you lived a life of pleasure, drugs and sex.’


‘So, what pain was there in doing that? You were hardly balancing out the karma were you?’

‘The pleasure we got from life, of living by our own rules – we had none – meant we had the power, inside each one of us, to continue the cycle of pain, spread it into society and help charge-up the karma cycle. The pain we caused meant more happiness.’

‘Happiness is a warm gun?’

‘Ha-ha, you have it!’

‘It is utterly mad.’

‘You see the power of what I’m saying. It scares you.’

‘Of course it does. How can you warp logic so much that innocent people die? For such a dire and terrifying possibility, that death, that pain, are good things. That they cause happiness.’

‘Yet you instinctively knew that a warm gun equals happiness?’

‘It’s the name of a fucking song, not some metaphysical empiricism!’

‘Yet you connected the idea and the song instantly.’

‘It is not that difficult. You know, to make “happiness” you cause pain.’

‘Right. Anyways, Blue and Red wanted to save the Redwoods, Tex wanted to explore the soul, find out how it works; make the world a better place.’

‘So Charlie sent him to kill Sharon Tate?’

‘No, he sent him to London, working for a church. You didn’t know that did you?’

‘And what did he tell you to do?’

‘He doesn’t tell people. You tell him and then Charlie like, encourages you to do it. He makes you do what you want to do.’

‘Next you will be telling me that there is nothing that Charlie ever made you do.’

‘He never did.’

‘You are avoiding the question Susan. What did Charlie encourage you to do?’

‘I wanted to kill people, overthrow the system, create pure equality and freedom for all people. That goodness could only ever come from pain and death. That is what I wanted, so that is what I did.’

© Kaden Brown. All rights reserved 2011-14.


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