A Novel Underway

It has been a while, during which time writing has been proceeding – awfully slowly, but progress none-the-less – on my next novel “Fatima” (aka. “Knowing The Mountains, Smelling The Sea: A Dialogue Of Immortality”).

In writing this third novel, set in the world of vampires, nephilim, lesser undeads, witches, antediluvians and heaps of other dark and wonderful characters, I am trying to experiment with a unique writing style that uses pure 100% dialogue in certain chapters of one of the two lead characters, Fatima.

It is much, much harder than I had imagined, even with some limited experimenting previously. What makes this dialogue-only story telling difficult is that in the case of Fatima, she is surrounded by her family, or “coven”. Thus, as opposed to a simple dialogue between two people, I must present a dialogue-only story (chapters) between three or more characters, all the while telling a descriptive and understandable story.

It is fair to say that initial attempts have resulted in contradictory results: The writing and dialogue is easy to do; the confidence I have in a reader following what is happening is extremely subdued. In other words, in my opinion the ‘readability’ of what I have written is questionable. To measure this end I have a reader who checks my story, chapter by chapter. She generally is fine with the initial chapter… I will be awaiting her response to the non-descriptive/dialogue-only chapters keenly. It is important to note that she is an extremely tough reviewer and a no-holds-barred critic.

The “Knowing The Mountains, Smelling The Sea: A Dialogue Of Immortality” part of the title is sort of an alternative title that hints to the reader what a theme in “Fatima” is. That is Fatima’s desire to protect her homeland from the mountains of Beirut where she is holed-up, whilst fiercely desiring to smell the sea, from which even she is prevented from smelling.

Hopefully, things go along nicely, with good word-rates and positive readings as I go along. There have already been suggestions for slight changes but they are easily made. As for when “Fatima” will be published, well, as Ashley (from “Rhesus A”) would say, ‘it probably ain’t gonna be soon!’.


One Response to “A Novel Underway”

  1. Hi, Kaden – If you need an extra review of your work, please feel free to include me. – Roland


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