Aust/NZ “Lilith” Giveaway Started

The giveaway of five copies of “Lilith” to Australia and New Zealand readers has started on Goodreads. You can enter by clicking the link below:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Lilith by Kaden Brown


by Kaden Brown

Giveaway ends August 19, 2013.

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If you are wondering if the book is any good, well here is the latest review, from Goodreads:

Jennifer‘s review         

Aug 08, 13       4 of 5 stars Read from August 04 to 07, 2013

The woman Lilith has been in biblical history for thousands of years. She is the scorned woman who refused to submit to Adam and the mother of the damned. Lilith is the first liberated woman and the forever whore of darkness. There is much debate about Lilith and her true character. Did biblical history portray an accurate picture, or was she a free thinker who was slowly being suffocated by her surrounding limitations? Scholars have argued on her realness, darkness, and relationship with Adam. There is one thing that most agree on and that is Lilith’s immortality. This dark creature was neither human nor demon, but her own creature. Forged by God and created before Eve, she was the true definition of the ‘other woman’. This book paints a picture of a modern Lilith. A woman that has existed for countless of years by bargaining with the angel Samuel. She is neither good nor evil, but considers herself good under her definition of good. Lilith is the liberator of children in her own way. She butchers the pedophiles and kills the rapists. She gives justice to those that would not get any. However, in her crusade of fighting evil she begins to loose herself. Immortality no longer carries that natural high that she has grown accustomed to. Instead she turns to drugs and sex for her outlet. As the years progress she looses both herself and purpose and fails to see the gray in between the white and black of everyday life. Lilith has become a lost soul that is flirting with evil. How will she discover her blocked vision and how will see her need to change? Has seeing into the mind of the devil made her his concubine?

This book was a very interesting read and kept me on my feet. I must first say that the cover is gorgeous. I love the shades of black, grey, and white they used. It was very stunning to look at and is what really got me interested in the story. Shallow? Yes, but at least I am honest! I enjoyed the fast pace of the story and liked how the author showed the truth about being immortal. Sometimes it is not always a wonderful thing to live forever. Life would eventually get boring and people tend to turn to the wrongs things for entertainment. The only issue that I had with the book was there were about 3 spelling errors in the book. I think whoever proof read the book did not do that great of a job. I wish editors would give it one more go before they printed it. It just does not do justice for both the book and author. I also felt like the ending was a little disappointing. I was waiting for something else and it seemed like I was left with a cliff hanger. I don’t really like cliff hangers and it frustrates me to death. However, I thought it was a great read and am happy that I have it and I must thank both the author and Goodreads for giving it to me in a Goodreads giveaway. I really appreciate the authors doing this and it is so much fun. I highly recommend this book to my fellow readers and would ask the editor to go back and do some spell checking. Either way thank you and enjoy!

So give “Lilith” a try, and be blown away by a story that is memorable and timeless.


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