Pottering and Puzzling

Over the last month not much progress has been made on anything really. “O Negative” and part two of “Lilith” (probably to be ingeniously called “Lilith Part 2”) are at the stage of being played with, with no real inner-vibe kicking into gear and letting the story of either take-off on a good writing stint.

On the other hand, a spin-off project based-on the story of Fatima, called “Fatima” (aka: “Knowing The Mountains, Smelling The Sea: A Dialogue of Immortality”), set in a war-torn Beirut (circa 1975-76) is taking shape with huge butterflies in the tummy, and writing just flowing onto the page.

As “Fatima” is largely set in war-torn Beirut it means me having to re-learn all the names and events of that conflict. Naturally, if you have read “Rhesus A“, you know what happened to Fatima and the connection to Ashley through Kaji and Elizabeth. Well, “Fatima” is the story as told by a Cambridge molecular biology Phd candidate who seeks out Fatima in Beirut, only to discover things and experience things no human should ever know.

One of the things I want to do with “Fatima” is to write in a stunning new style that includes entire chapters that are 100%, absolutely entirely, dialogue. If anyone has read my short experimental piece “Sexy Sadie” they will know exactly what I mean.

In some ways, “Fatima” will be reminiscent of Rice’s “Interview With The Vampire” which begins with a reporter wanting to tell their stories. Unlike those books, the Cambridge scholar will not be a mere observer but an active participant in the actions of Fatima, culminating in events that lead to her being hunted and eventually executed by the Vampyre Council in North America.

Hopefully, I can decide what to do about part two of Lilith, as I feel that it really, really does need finishing-up. Maybe inspiration will hit me, and I can recapture the terse style and action that epitomizes Lilith so much. failing that, then “Fatima” will evolve as her life story (or the latter days, anyway) begin to develop and get told.


8 Responses to “Pottering and Puzzling”

  1. Hi, Kaden – Roland here. I have been working on a storyline flow for “Lilith 2”. I also continue to make corrections and updates for Lilith 1, if case you repost with the corrections. I hope to send the storyline to you within a week. I have also drafted a chapter for L2 that I will send along, also. Seems we both work on the same mental schedule with L. Cheers.


  2. Kaden Brown Says:

    Hey Roland! It would be very interesting to have a look-see at what you have come-up with. Trying to get some writing done, hopefully today – day off work – once I get some things done.


  3. I am tidying up my storyline a bit. I will have something to you by my Sunday evening (your midday, likely, Monday).


    • Kaden Brown Says:

      Cool. look forward. On way home, hopefully for a productive session…


      • Hi, Kaden –

        I used your “uk” email address to send you:
        1. Lilith-1 feedback (from 2 or 3 months ago …)
        2. Lilith-2 storyline
        3. Lilith-2 chapter 1 … to show my writing style …

        Thank you for this potential opportunity.

        – Roland


      • Kaden Brown Says:

        Cheers, Roland. I’ll have a read tonight and give you my thoughts.


  4. Hi, Kaden – following up on the chapter I wrote for L2 … did you get to read it? if so, what were your thoughts?


    • Kaden Brown Says:

      Hey Roland… sorry for the tardiness in replying. I have taken a couple of reads of L2 and it has potential. Though some of the paragraphs are awfully long. Need to be broken-down a lot. Keep going with it if you want. I would love to read more of your version 🙂


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