Sixty Errors In A Day Of Reading

Just finished reading the proof of “Lilith” and I am impressed by the story and how I have told it. Not withstanding that however, is the fact that the book needs to be fixed of 60 teeny-weeny errors, before getting the ‘okay’ from me.


That process should be done by later tonight, and I can order what I hope are the final proofs for checking. When I receive that batch, and I will be ordering a number of them for certain people who make-up my informal reading group, things will progress very quickly to the point of “Lilith” being available on the shop shelves – at-least via the internet anyways.

Unless the book makes a splash with reviewers, it probably won’t be literally sitting on your local book shop. But who knows? I think it may happen.


2 Responses to “Sixty Errors In A Day Of Reading”

  1. Hi, Kaden –

    We never completed my edits for the 1st half of “Lilith”. I still have them but I do not think that you want to deal with what I have, given where the book is now. I wish “Lilith – the beginning” great success. I have a story-map for “Lilith – redemption” ….

    – Roland


  2. Kaden Brown Says:

    Hey Roland, it is good to hear from you. My next project is the sequel to Rhesus A. Then I hope to get back onto Lilith or whatever it will be called. As you know I am sorely tempted to change perspective on the sequel to that of a policeman/investigator, or Ruth, or even Aytal. Having said that though, Lilith is such an addictive character that even I want to read about her, and only her really.

    Nearer the time, I want you to take some credit for being part of making Lilith come to life. Maybe part two will be yours!


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