Dedication Page Of Lilith

In 2002 someone very close to me died of cancer. Her name was Julie and she left two daughters, Melanie and Katherine, plus a grand-daughter. When Jamie was a baby Julie and I used to give her little books to read in bed with us (she only ever looked at books with words – anything with pictures was instantly tossed aside). And I would make-up stories on-the-fly.

I think they were more for me than anyone else though. Now she is fifteen, maybe she will come across this little book and have a read. I hope Jamie enjoys it as much as we enjoyed having her in our lives.

The hardcopy edition of “Lilith” will include the following dedication to Jamie:

This is a book written for

Jamie “Jampot” Louise Shakeshaft

Here is a story not to be read in bed.

Family forever,

However long gone.

Family forever,

Past, future and now.

Family forever,

No distance between.

Pain of beginning,

As pain at the end.

Family forever,

None can deny.

Hold our head high,

For our family is forever.

Never to die,

An immortal love.

There can be no doubt that the drive and self-confidence received a huge boost simply from knowing Jamie. I wish you a long and happy life, that your troubles pass, and that our memories stay safe.


One Response to “Dedication Page Of Lilith”

  1. Hi, Kaden –

    This is a very nice dedication. I hope that “things” are getting right for you. As always, if there is something I can do to assist, even just being a sounding board, let me know.

    – Roland


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