Lilith Is Now Available


Finally, and perhaps too early (but I just thought that with everything going on that I would ‘publish and be damned’) my story about Lilith the Dark Immortal is now published as an e-book for Kindle. Cost is (USD)99 cents. You can get a copy of “Lilith” here.

Saved by the angel Samael, Lilith, the Dark Immortal, lives her life avenging evil and killing those who refuse to repent. Gaining her life-force from those she slaughters, there are those other immortals who see her as the evil one. But when a human gets caught between herself and the Antediluvians who are bent upon destroying her kind, Lilith must make a decision she does not understand.

Unfortunately, the story is only about 200 pages and leaves the reader somewhat craving for more. I won’t spoil the suspense, but with a little help from my friends, the second half of her story may get written. Frankly, my desire to get it edited backfired when money and work problems conspired against me. And other things. I suppose it is a case of life happening when I was busy making other plans (to paraphrase Lennon). I apologise to everyone for the tardiness and lack of editing – though I am pretty sure that “Lilith” is a much, much better read than “Rhesus A” due to better self-editing.

I hope people enjoy the read and make suggestions for how the story should be continued. So much is left unresolved that there is most definitely another Lilith book out there.


One Response to “Lilith Is Now Available”

  1. Hi, Kaden – got my copy. Still looking for a Rhesus A copy to do editting. Got one I can buy? Still looking to fill in the back end of Lilith …


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