“The Fall of Dee” Screenplay

It’s been a while, so here is a quick update on things.

No editing of “Lilith” has started yet due to travel and moving. Hopefully things get started at some stage.

Plus, my screenplay “The Fall of Dee” has been submitted to Amazon Studios. Hopefully, things go well and it garners some attention.

Happy new year everyone.


3 Responses to ““The Fall of Dee” Screenplay”

  1. Hello, Kaden!

    (Roland Aucoin from Canton, MA. USA)

    Nice to see you back writing again, juices flowing, mind cranking! I had sent you a couple of emails to your uk address, but had not heard from you. Very glad to see that you were busy. I have downloaded a copy of your “Dee” screenplay and plan to read through it this week and return feedback (if you want it).

    I have to ask … how is your mum? I have a discomfort asking because you said she was so sick, then recovering, then sick again. I hope she is well and not so much a worry for you.

    … and, how are you, yourself? Your mum was so much on your mind …. I know we are only “wordpress / freelance” acquaintances, but no one can have too many well-wishers. I am one of yours.

    I am still hoping to be a part of the editorial reviewers on Rhesus A. I have been trying to get a couple of copies but have failed since the removal from shelves. If you know how I can obtain / buy a couple of copies I would appreciate that.
    On Lilith (poor Lilith), I am also still hoping to work with you or for you as a ghostwriter. If this is still an interest, I would like to get whatever you have beyond the initial 45000 words you sent to me last year. I still have me feedback available.

    Regardless, I can give you and your mum my prayers, well-wishes of Good Fortune and Great Success!!
    I like your style and spunk – keep both in the mix.

    As always you have my best hopes for you.
    Stay well.

    Your American Acquaintance and Follower,

    . Roland


    • Kaden Brown Says:

      Hey Roland, good to hear from you. Yeah, a lot has happened since August! My mom is out of hospital, having spent the last two months there. She is moving into a care home near to my sister in Melbourne. So that is good.

      For now I am trying to get back into writing – you have seen ‘The Fall of Dee’ and downloaded it. I hope you enjoy reading it. It is cool to try and visualize the how you would film each scene. (At this stage in the screenwriting process almost all direction is ommitted. When a script goes into production, the screenwriter develops a ‘shooting script’ in collaboration with the Director – who is charge of how scenes are filmed).

      You will see the massive difference between novels and screenplays. Plus, I have uploaded ‘Sadie’ also.

      Right now I am writing a feature-drama set in a rich Texan town called ‘Shady Oaks’. It touches certain issues, including gun ownership, drug use, teenage delinquency, and racism. If I can pull the threads together I’ll be happy. I am contemplating two different versions: one being a straight-out drama; the other being a docu-drama. More on that when I’ve done the draft though.

      Back to topic of ‘Lilith’. I agree, poor Lilith… I am half-tempted to turn what has been done over to you and say “go ahead and write the second half of the story, maybe from a cop’s perspective, Aytal’s or Ruth’s”. Lilith escapes the cops, but to carry-on the story (which I am actually in favlor of) may require the introduction of another character (i.e. a cop?), or shift of focus. I would be 100% happy to share credits with you Roland.

      Please do let me know your thoughts.

      Many thanks for you best wishes, and I hope we can get this done.


      • Hi, Kaden.

        It is wonderful to hear that your mum is well enough to be out of the hospital. It is truly nice that she will be near family, even if she is in a care home. I hope that her health stays strong for her and you and family. God Bless.

        I am very willing to take on Lilith’s 2nd half for shared credit. Let me draft a plot line of a sort to see if you like my ideas. … a new character, maybe? cop’s perspective, eh? … possible shift of focus … hhmmm.

        I am also still interested in doing the edit review of “Rhesus A”. I have no access to a copy but if you can get a couple, I will send you my address and payment for the copies and shipping. Do you have an electronic copy of Rhesus A that you could send me? That would be even better!

        I expect to be through “Dee” soon. I am really enjoying it as I read away. I am also working two jobs (love them both!) so my “reading time” is a little tight some weeks.

        If at any time you have content that you want quickly reviewed, let me have a copy and a shot at it.

        Stay well and write well!

        – Roland


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