“Rhesus A” Withdrawn Temporarily

Just letting people know that Rhesus A has been pulled from sale. This means that there should be no new hardcopy or e-book versions on sale. Having said this, I am sure that some local shops and niche suppliers may still have copies available. Likewise with second-hand copies.

Books 1 and 2 of the Ashley Zetterburg series (Rhesus A and Vanguard Coven) will be edited and released at some stage in the future. A major prompt in this decision was the following review on Amazon:

New!                  JugsMacguyver reviewed Rhesus A

So close…                 6 July 2012
                    The actual storyline is great. Well paced, engaging characters, not your average vampire book. Sadly, this was hard to find through the infuriating spelling errors, grammatical errors and words that were completely omitted. It really doesn’t appear that the book was proof read at all. It’s also a bit strange that the British main character swings between calling her mother mum and mom sentence by sentence. Disappointing…
It is an enticing review, honest and informative. And I agree with it totally. So, off to the editor it is. Maybe that teaches me for not getting the manuscript edited in the first place!

3 Responses to ““Rhesus A” Withdrawn Temporarily”

  1. I salute you for taking advice and making changes – many writers just ignore critique and insist that they know better, but those writers aren’t going to do well in the long run. The better writer learns from their mistakes, and improves their writing, so good on you 🙂


  2. Hi, Kaden – Roland Aucoin here again. Sorry to learn about your pulling Rheuses A from sale. Is there anything that I can do to assist? I had not yet bought a copy, but I would certainly be happy to proofread it for you. Let me know if I can assist in any way.

    Best Regards to you (and your mum!),

    – Roland


  3. Kaden Brown Says:

    Oh yes, Roland. Give me about a month, and we should be ready to start the editing. My mom is back in hospital. Intensive care. Not good.


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