Some WTF Questions of Lilith

Heck, most of these questions I can’t answer – or even provide a hint of the answer, lest I spoil the story. You may want to figure out the answers as you read the book. The questions I’ve provided are in no particular order:

1. How did Lilith get so hooked on heroin?

2. Why did her sisters kill her?

3. Is Lilith a vampire?

4. WTF is Lilith?

5. Is she good, or bad?

6. Who or what are the Dark Immortals?

7. What on Earth are Antediluvians?

8. Lilith has a BFF?

9. If Barry is gay, then why did his boyfriend move out?

10. Are Lilith and Ruth lovers?

11. Why did Samael treat Lilith so kindly, and not hurt her?

12. Was Lilith a real being?

13. Samarra is in Iraq not Persia (Iran)! Isn’t it?

14. What happened to Kasparek? Did he become immortal too?

15. Does Ruth die?

16. Does Aytal kill Lilith?

The following questions I can answer, without spoiling anything…

17. What is relationship with the Rhesus A world?

The world of Lilith is the same world as the of Zetty, Mig and the Vampire Council. Certain characters (such as the Si-Kee, K-Don) appear in both series but only with very minor roles in Lilith. Naturally, as Lilith is not a vampire she is not beholden to the Vampire Council, plus Lilith is set in Detroit and away from the action happening in L.A.

18. Who will be next to tell their story?

I haven’t decided. There may be no follow-up book in this series.

19. Can you tell Samantha’s story next, please?

See above. If I do write one, it will probably/may not be set in the same world of Dark Immortals. It could tell the story of one of the Si-Kee, a witch, a vampire, a human, an angel, a Par-Tos (like the Si-Kee, but bad, very bad), or even a zombie.

20. Is Lilith anything to do with True Blood?

Only as far as she is an importantĀ figure of undead legends. The True Blood Lilith is a vampire born many thousands of years ago. She was the first wife of Adam and left him to be with Samael. My Lilith was human, and was born relatively recently. She was given immortal life by the angel Samael.

Both interpretations have Lilith as driven by “goodness” – but willing to commit absolute evil to get it. Samael is the same. To a certain extent both versions treat Lilith as having a certain disdain for humans.

The TB Lilith wants them for food. My Lilith just sees them as sources of aberration that must be eradicated. The greater experience of Samael has a focussing effect upon Lilith who needs his guidance in killing only those whom deserve it.


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