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Iron Bound Out-take (The Observer)

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The Observer

“Hey ya’ bud?” the male voice asked as I stepped around the corner peering into my bag.

I didn’t need to look to know who it was, or more specifically – as not a soul I knew spoke to me that way, and in this crowded hot city there was not a soul whom knew me – what it was. Still peering into my satchel, perhaps with a tad more determination to avoid such a rude interruption, I afforded a quick peek to confirm my assumption. Yes, a beggar, lowlife, the plight of all western cities, was passing by. He had long unkempt hair, that peculiar gait common to the gutter scum, and the dress-sense of one cast from the civil society. Somewhat of an informal dress-code amongst the lower life-forms must exist. I kept on for a few more seconds, deliberately scouring my Billabong bag for that pesky timetable. Bus schedules in this place were so complicated.

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Some WTF Questions of Lilith

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Heck, most of these questions I can’t answer – or even provide a hint of the answer, lest I spoil the story. You may want to figure out the answers as you read the book. The questions I’ve provided are in no particular order:

1. How did Lilith get so hooked on heroin?

2. Why did her sisters kill her?

3. Is Lilith a vampire?

4. WTF is Lilith?

5. Is she good, or bad?

6. Who or what are the Dark Immortals?

7. What on Earth are Antediluvians?

8. Lilith has a BFF?

9. If Barry is gay, then why did his boyfriend move out?

10. Are Lilith and Ruth lovers?

11. Why did Samael treat Lilith so kindly, and not hurt her?

12. Was Lilith a real being?

13. Samarra is in Iraq not Persia (Iran)! Isn’t it?

14. What happened to Kasparek? Did he become immortal too?

15. Does Ruth die?

16. Does Aytal kill Lilith?

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