Getting Sorted

Just like The Beatles’ “Getting Better” (all the time) things here in hot-one-minute-cold-the-next-Adelaide are getting sorted. Though if one looked briefly, giving a cursory glance in the general direction of my life you may not think it, that yes, things are on track to at-least getting better.

This doesn’t mean everything here is fine. The opposite is true. My mum is back in hospital (I think this is her fourth time in less than a month) and hopefully, this time she will not be kicked-back home too quickly – even though mum and I would dearly love her to be able to live at home safely. At-least in hospital she is away from the safety hazards and hassles associated with living independently in a suburban house. For me, just living in a house all by myself is so alien that I have no idea how I would cope in the long term.

On other issues, I need to get on a financially stable footing before proceeding with the editing of Lilith (and at some stage, Rhesus A too), decide if Lilith has been completed (I’m 99% sure that the manuscript is complete), and continue with the planning of the third book, Vanguard Coven, which may also be called something else entirely along the same theme as Rhesus A. The storyline for VC is coming along nice and continues on from where Rhesus A ends. It really does just get better.

My days are occupied by study, going to the hospital, job interviews and drinking coffee. Hmm, I think I have sampled half the cafes in Adelaide and may have settled upon one which does an okay flat white and edible food… their real test will be if they can make a decent Americano. Now if only their cafe tables were just slightly larger so that my laptop would fit…


4 Responses to “Getting Sorted”

  1. Hello, Kaden – Roland Aucoin in the States here. I am glad to see that you and Lilith are back …. Are you still interested in having my proofreadings and my being your proofreader? I would certainly like to see it through. Please let me know. Thx – Roland (


  2. Kaden Brown Says:

    Hi Roland, it’s great to hear from you. Yes, you are the one I want…

    Now, you have my apologies for messing you around. With everything that’s been going on I’m not really in the best place to write at the moment.

    Indeed, whilst I have been playing with the story-line of the next novel, I am not sure where going or what I’m doing with Lilith. In all respects I have ceased work on it, and it looks like with only two thirds through the original story, that is where it will end. So what will probably happen is I will end up publishing it as a short novel, or novelette. The original deal will apply, if that’s okay… FYI, I will be needing Rhesus A edited – eventually.

    Things being the way they are it is looking increasingly likely that I will be returning home to the UK this year. From a writing perspective that is good news as I will have a better environment for writing.

    Cheers Roland. I will keep you informed.


    • Hi, Kaden –

      First of all, I will certainly work with you on any of your writings. I very much enjoy the work, and I do not feel that you are keeping me on edge. We can certainly keep the original arrangement. I have other small article ghostwritings that I am doing and my own small writing that I have started to keep me busy and amused.

      I must say that I am sadden by Lilith likely being shortened. If I signed a non-disclosure / non-compete with you, might you be willing to let me “dabble” with Lilith as a ghostwriter from where you have left it? I enjoyed the first 45k words and I am looking so forward to the next 45k. Let me know.

      Your returning to the UK means that your mum is doing better now – yes? I hope so.


  3. Kaden Brown Says:

    Not sure on that Roland… if you do the writing then you should really get the credit. So, it would be a co-author thing. Let me think on it for a while before I decide. My mom? Well, she’s certainly being independent, which is usually a good thing.


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