Making a Choice

The time is ripe for making a decision on who will be my editor. First, a couple of observations about the process. Placing an advertisement in the New Zealand-based “The Big Idea” was my starting point for finding the right person. It has good NZ and overseas coverage, specifically, in getting the word out and attracting interest from potential editors and interested readers.

Ultimately, the coverage and quality of local applicants was perhaps a little disappointing, though I am awaiting final comments and feedback from one Kiwi applicant who may have what it takes.

This led me, upon J.C.‘s advice, to try-out where I found setting-up a project and starting a “bid” process to find the right person was very easy. In short-time I had many applicants – more than twenty, of whom about half had completed the sample editing task. It was pretty overwhelming. Two of those “bidders” performed the editing very well, however, one of them ruined their good MS-Word editing by making comments as if they were writing a book review. That aggravated me, rather than got my synapses working.

The other editor presented me with a great edit and the comments he made were actually funny. He made his points well and diplomatically. In fact, I laughed at my own stupidity rather than getting all upset at his remarks. It was a pleasure reading his edits and consequently – even though he perhaps lacks the portfolio of experience related to editing a 400 page manuscript – he is my favourite to be chosen.

There is one other person, a New Zealand resident, from whom I am awaiting some final feedback and information. I do hope he returns my email!

Between the two applicants I feel that my past problems in the editing department (see Rhesus A) may be allayed to a large extent. I hope so. In the next 48 hours I will make my decision and hopefully by November I will have a full edit of Lilith done and dusted. Of-course, first I have to complete the book. Which means I could be getting ahead of myself slightly. Regardless, editing can commence and the remaining chapters edited as they get written.

On the topic of completing Lilith, it seems that it will have to be squeezed in-between so much that is going on in my life right now. Everything is happening as some serious decisions have had to be made. But on those issues, I will comment later.

I am looking forward to welcoming my new editor and look forward to working with him (both final candidates are male).


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