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Making a Choice

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The time is ripe for making a decision on who will be my editor. First, a couple of observations about the process. Placing an advertisement in the New Zealand-based “The Big Idea” was my starting point for finding the right person. It has good NZ and overseas coverage, specifically, in getting the word out and attracting interest from potential editors and interested readers. Continue reading


Kaden Brown’s “Lilith” – Editor Required | Editing | Proofreading

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There are a little  under four days remaining to bid on becoming my editor. I already have a ‘hot’ favorite, so get along to, have a look-see, download the sample chapter, edit it using Word, and let me know what you can do.

If you have applied via The Big Idea, don’t fret, all candidates are still being considered – i.e. keep your emails coming in and sell yourself and your skills to me. I am waaaay impressed thus far, and one of you is right near the top. It is important that you show me what you can do.

Kaden Brown’s “Lilith” – Editor Required | Editing | Proofreading.

Project Description:

Kaden Brown, upcoming paranormal fiction author, requires a recent graduate or freelancer with an interest in paranormal fiction and urban fiction to proofread and edit book, soon to be completed.

If you like vampires, the undead and all the things that go bump in the night, and you are looking to get established as an editor, then this could be for you.

You must be flexible, understand the contemporary styles of prose of paranormal fiction and have a very sharp eye for spelling, grammar and story-line mistakes.

Contact me and return the downloadable sample chapter with your edits.

If you are successful, we will see about getting you started properly. Initially work will be on a chapter-by-chapter basis and then on a more prolongued, steady footing, until the book goes to publish later this year. Renumeration will be through mutual agreement. There may be other editing work available for the person I’m happy with.

You can find out more about Kaden Brown by visiting my website at:

Skills required:

Editing , Proofreading
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