Out-take from Lilith

Just thought I would give a crumb of content that has been removed from Lilith.

I won’t explain, you’ll have to figure out where it was supposed to fit in when you read the book.

(c) 2012 Kaden Brown. Alll rights reserved.

To say I was reticent about contacting the Lesser undeads for assistance was is like saying the Democrats needed the Republicans. They didn’t and frequently bickered over nothing. Doing business with the Si-Kee was like that. They held the upper hand. They stink and their white hair is just so freaky. Weird to say the least. But they were on my side, that of goodness. Not that they were known for violence, but rumors of their ceremonies and strict aloofness were the stuff of legend. They’ll tell you what you want only if you ask the right question. As for actually helping, they were neigh-on fucking useless.

They may be immortal, but social interactions were not their thing. I waited for someone to answer, silently hoping that it was one of them that I knew. Which was unlikely in the extreme. Just getting put through to who I needed was going to be a challenge.

“Hello?” The woman’s voice on the other end asked.

I’d cleared my throat is readiness. “Is K-Don there please?” She was an old acquaintance from the old days, before color television and the civil rights movement. She moved out west after she’d found a new love. They’re lucky like that, being free and all. Dark Immortals don’t have the choice. Usually, that is.

The voice on the other end, hesitated. I guessed what was coming.

“Can I say who is calling, miss?”

Yup, the bleeding inquisition, just to get put through to who I wanted. I exhaled through my nose trying to keep calm.

“Lilith.” I left it at that. Either she knew about my transgressions, or she didn’t.

“Second name?” she shot back, true to form.

“Just Lilith.”

“Hmm, okay. What is this about?”

“I need some help finding a friend. She’s been kidnapped.”

“Oh, so sorry to hear that Li-lith.” Yeah right. Should I tell her I’m not one of them? Judging from her pronunciation of my name, she had no idea.

“Yes, I was hoping that K-Don could help me locate where she’s been taken.”

“Well, that may be possible. K-Don is out in Los Angeles now, where are you?”


“She’s a friend of yours?”

“Yes.” My patience was wearing a bit thin by now. I had to bite my tongue. Losing it with the Si-Kee was so not advisable. They tend to get a bit moody. “We were old friends in the fifties.”

“Oh, that’s nice. I’ll see if she is answering.”

Heaven-thanks, K-Don came on the line and I heard her once-familiar happy voice come through the phone.

It turned out that she was still into girls and had found love with a vampire girl, in the City of Angels. Funny how things turn-out sometimes. A Si-Kee with a vamp! Blow me down.

Once we got through the past fifty years of catch-up – just the headline stuff – I explained what I needed. Basically, what I’d need to do to get Ruth back. It’s funny you know. You would think that if anyone was to know what the Antediluvians where up to and where they were, the Dark immortals like myself would know. Especially on my own doorstep so-to-speak.

But now, I was cut-off from my own intelligence and it seemed, if the no-response from B was concerned, that I was black-listed too. Vague ideas about where the AD base was sited weren’t going to get Ruth rescued.

K-Don eventually cut through the crap and checked her records or whatever. The AD’s had three active bases in Michigan. All three consisted of training, command and operations, with on-site barracks. They were in Grand Rapids and Detroit, which I knew about. To my surprise there was also a training base near Iron Mountain, out west.

The text was dumped because I wasn’t happy about they credibility of that part of the storyline. A similar conversation does take place, just in a different setting and with differing problem/s.

(c) 2012 Kaden Brown. Alll rights reserved.


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