Editor/Proofreader | The Big Idea | Te Aria Nui

Job advert placed in New Zealand’s Big Idea.

Editor/Proofreader | The Big Idea | Te Aria Nui.

Kaden Brown, upcoming paranormal fiction author, requires a recent graduate or freelancer with an interest in paranormal fiction and urban fiction to proofread and edit book, soon to be completed.

If you like vampires, the undead and all the things that go bump in the night, and you are looking to get established as an editor, then this could be for you.

You must be flexible, understand the contemporary styles of prose of paranormal fiction and have a very sharp eye for spelling, grammar and story-line mistakes.

Contact me and we will see about getting you started. Initially work will be on a chapter-by-chapter basis and then on a more prolongued, steady footing, until the book goes to publish this year. Renumeration will be through mutual agreement.

You can find out more about Kaden Brown by visiting his website at: https://kadenbrown.wordpress.com/


6 Responses to “Editor/Proofreader | The Big Idea | Te Aria Nui”

  1. Good luck finding someone to work with πŸ™‚ I have a friend who used freelancer.com (I think that’s the site) and had great success finding someone to work with, if the Big Idea doesn’t pan out for you.


  2. Kaden Brown Says:

    Hi JC, many thanks for the idea. This whole thing is rather frightening! I badly, really badly, need an editor, and would like to have the most professional and experienced one I can find. So, whilst The Big Idea has good local coverage (and international too) I really need to expand my search to look for editors in the US, Canada and the UK. I’m going to look at freelancer.com and see where that takes me. Cheers JC!


  3. Kim Silvey Says:

    Hi there, I’m a newly qualified proofreader and have read the excerpt of your manuscript. It appears to be reasonably straight forward from an editing/proofreading perspective – I have an eye for detail, enjoy this type of fiction/paranormal texts and can work to deadlines. I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Kaden Brown Says:

      Hi Kim, have you emailed me a bit about yourself? Look-up my contact details, check-out the Big Idea advertisment, and submit me the demo edit. That way I’ll have an idea how you work and what you’re about. Not really interested in CV and resumes, though they are useful later. Take a look, and see what you can do. Email me your pitch and let me see what you can do. Good luck Kim πŸ™‚ Hopefully I hear from you.


  4. Emmanuel Oyakhiome Says:

    I came to this page through freelancer. You are very serious about this book, I would have love to bid but to be honest i can’t meet all your requirements. I wish you the best with this book and when it’s ready I would love to be informed so i could read it. Good luck


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