Rhesus A – Top 50, Contemporary Fantasy UK Kindle

Woohoo! Rhesus A has climbed inside the UK top fifty of the Kindle Paid Contemporary Fantasy sales. Heh, so much for a certain vampire publisher who said she’s never heard of an indie publisher selling more than twenty copies. Just wish I had more reviews…


Having said that I want more reviews, it seems like I may have been trolled by an unverified reviewer who totally dissed Rhesus A (see amazon.com). Oh well, all part of the deal, I suppose.


2 Responses to “Rhesus A – Top 50, Contemporary Fantasy UK Kindle”

  1. Well done, Kaden!

    By the way, don’t let the negative review get you down. In indie circles, we call this the one-star slam. It usually happens after a free promotion. Somehow, that’s when the loony bin is let loose, and I’ve been hit by similar malicious reviews as well.

    But, at the end of the day, even bad publicity is better than no publicity. Take heart in that. =)


    • Kaden Brown Says:

      Hey thanks John.

      Yeah, that one ‘unverified’ commenter has seemed to depress the sales – quite a bit, I suspect. It seems odd that a person who is not a verified buyer of a book can leave a review…

      Plus, it is amusing (and adds to my suspicion) that the commenter doesn’t even seem to know what gender I am… not that that is very important.

      Oh well, sales are still happening regardless. And I’ve moved on long ago 🙂


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