Free Campaign Takes-off

A friend of mine, Matt Hammond, recently wrote about how a free promo offer on his novel “Milkshake” (see the right-hand menu for the link) resulted in higher conversion (i.e. actual purchases of the novel) after the free promo had finished. His numbers seemed great (1300 free copies after the five day campaign/63 full sales afterwards), good enough to encourage me to try the same freebie promo…

So on June 3rd my own free campaign started and I can already report a healthy 214 copies have been chosen on Kindle in less than 24 hours. The promotion ends on June 7th. You better get in now.

Huh,the numbers are changing as I look on my ‘reports’ … okay, now let’s see where all this takes me in the long term.

In other news Lilith has moved slightly closer to completion; my sci-fi novelette Pod Magnum is off with a bang; awaiting results of ‘Writers of the Future‘ contest.


One Response to “Free Campaign Takes-off”

  1. Hi, great idea I hope your novel just explodes! Thank you for the like! Have a great day writing!


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