Magic Visualization

I am having to find out heaps of stuff for Lilith. Like local cafes, restaurants, interstate locations, weapon types and effects, oh, and all about magic.

For me I have to admit to being slightly phobic about magic. Most books I read, or attract me to them, do not contain magic.

There are a couple of obvious exceptions such as Kate Tiernan’s Immortal Beloved books and the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton. Even Richelle Mead has a brilliant series about a girl who has magic powers.

In the main though it is a theme I avoid. Writing Lilith, and more precisely, the part of Ruth is a wonderful challenge. She is a witch. A real kick-ass human who takes on the ADs. Well, maybe that is an overstatement, but Ruth has to do magic to save her life and Lilith’s… but she is locked in a dark, lonely and bare cell.

This is where her brilliance comes in: Did you know that a lot of magic can be made without the required ingredients – like herbs, equipment, organic materials – and can simply be done through ‘visualization’?

No, and neither did I. You’ll have to read the book to see just how Ruth gets on.

Just a quick note before I go to bed. Rhesus A is now available in paperback (US$15.99) and Kindle (US$0.99).


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