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A Thingy From Google Books

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So, I was checking what Google had on Rhesus A… I came across this thing – whatever on earth it is. I know it has something to do with modern telecommunication technology, some sort of thing you scan. That is about all I know…

I know it ain’t a barcode… scan it and you can buy the book. So they tell me.


A Writing Workshop

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At the weekend I attended a great little workshop for writers here in Christchurch, arranged by the New Zealand Society of Authors and Copyright Licensing. It was the first time I’ve been to anything like this and it was a fun and informative.

The workshop ran over the Saturday and Sunday, which meant that I was unable to attend the Sunday seminars. But that didn’t prevent me from participating in three on Saturday though.

Gary Henderson presented ‘How to Craft a Play – how to write using the vocabulary of theatre’ which really did take me to new territory. Even though I am from a screenplay background, writing for live theatrical performance is something I’ve never done. Gary truly widens my horizons in both how a play is written, and even better in how to design and write stories. His ideas are applicable in a variety of forms, including writing for the screen and story-writing. So that was a great time spent. And heaps of fun too! Continue reading

Lilith – 10 Top Facts

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With Lilith slowly getting closer and closer to being finished I thought I would drop a few, well ten actually, facts about her and the book. Don’t forget the most important one though: that she is a Dark Immortal, a Nephilim

1. She can kill a human being in an instant – the bloodier the better.

2. Her best (and only?) friend is a witch, Ruth.

3. Kava is her favourite drink. NB: Kava is banned in many countries as it is highly toxic.

4. She was born in Samara, Persia – yes, the same place US troops fought in Iraq.

5. The only things Lilith owns are: her drugs, her clothes and her weapons.

6. She was given immortality by the angel Samael. He is rather fond of killing and blood, so there’s no wonder Lilith thinks the same.

Samael says:

“…my entire domination is based on killing. And if I accept the Torah, there will no longer be wars. My rule is over the planet Maadim (Mars) that indicates spilling of blood.” – ספר הזהר Zohar

7. Ruth has been ordered to assist the search for the murderer responsible for the LA Central mass-slayings (see Rhesus A).

8. Barry (‘B’) is the first gay character in either book.

9. Lilith has to leave Detroit. She is wanted for killing policemen inside the DPD.

10.Feeling empathy for bad people is impossible for Lilith.

Updates on Rhesus A and Lilith

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Some of you may know that the title of VN was changed to ‘Rhesus A – a Vanguard Newborn’.

Rhesus A is available from Whitcoulls and can be ordered here.

PaperPlus, Amazon and Borders Australia also have the book. Online, heaps and heaps of suppliers also have Rhesus A, either as paperback or Ebook.

Continue reading

Lilith Preview and Comment is Available

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The first half of Lilith (I am still debating if the book shall be divided into two ‘parts’ or ‘books’) is available for free download (pdf format) and review.

If you would like to have a sneak-peek of my next novel visit and download Lilith. Be sure to leave your comments and star-rating.

Note, that the cover being used will change (it is an adapted, tinted version of that used for Rhesus A. Obviously, I am not going to use the same image!) when the story is completed. FYI: if you look down the right-hand column you will see the paperback cover.



Magic Visualization

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I am having to find out heaps of stuff for Lilith. Like local cafes, restaurants, interstate locations, weapon types and effects, oh, and all about magic.

For me I have to admit to being slightly phobic about magic. Most books I read, or attract me to them, do not contain magic.

There are a couple of obvious exceptions such as Kate Tiernan’s Immortal Beloved books and the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton. Even Richelle Mead has a brilliant series about a girl who has magic powers.

In the main though it is a theme I avoid. Writing Lilith, and more precisely, the part of Ruth is a wonderful challenge. She is a witch. A real kick-ass human who takes on the ADs. Well, maybe that is an overstatement, but Ruth has to do magic to save her life and Lilith’s… but she is locked in a dark, lonely and bare cell.

This is where her brilliance comes in: Did you know that a lot of magic can be made without the required ingredients – like herbs, equipment, organic materials – and can simply be done through ‘visualization’?

No, and neither did I. You’ll have to read the book to see just how Ruth gets on.

Just a quick note before I go to bed. Rhesus A is now available in paperback (US$15.99) and Kindle (US$0.99).

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