That Rhythmic Groove of Literary Wonder

Hehe, I’ve been getting down and writing lately and am beginning to make some great progress on “Lilith”.

You know, once you get in that rhythmic groove of literary wonder a flood of excitement flows through oneself and you know, you just know, that the words read good. That what’s pouring onto the page is good stuff and that whomever reads your creation will be similarly struck.

One of my favourite passages is one in which Lilith and Samael meet for a little chit-chat:

“There’s more than just fighting evil?” Two and half thousand years had passed, and he was just telling me this? Now? I think my jaw almost hit the floor.

Samael looked at me as if I was simple. Maybe I’d tickled his sense of humor, but nothing I’d said was funny. Though, that was to me. Him? Who knew?

I will refrain from giving the storyline away but this is one set of text that (to me anyway) is good enough and attractive enough to appear on the back cover of the book. You know, that little bit of the character’s thinking that grabs the potential reader and makes them think: “I like this person. They have humour and modesty. A good character I can love and follow.”

When you see it and know what the heck, that came from inside my head! You feel happy.


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