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All Set to Go… Uh, hang-on. Stop!

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Rhesus A is all complete and ready to be printed and distributed. This was going to be done through CreateSpace and Amazon.

Having battled and battled to get the novel in decent/good shape I got to thinking that perhaps I should make a serious attempt to a) find myself an agent, and b) find a publisher. Really, I owe it to myself to do this as my skills do not cover such areas. Sure, I could perhaps get Rhesus A into local bookstores and self-published on Amazon, but it is not good enough.

Thus, Rhesus A will not be seeing the light of day for a while, at-least until I have exhausted attempts to get an agent and find a publisher. That could take a while – like six months or more. Not to worry, I am still writing and have heaps of things up my sleeve to do too.

Already I have had a rejection (HarperCollins) when I tried to sneak the early YA version of the book through their submission process. I presented the story as a paranormal fiction when they do not accept YA manuscripts. And they must have read it too as back came the rejection, “we do not accept young adult manuscripts.” Brilliant! My first rejection.

This raises a worrying thought for me: given that the book is about a newborn vampire will any prospective agent or publisher simply dismiss the manuscript as young adult, when in actual fact, the finished novel is anything but? It is an adult urban fiction. But will that matter? I hope not.


VN Previews Closed

Posted in Rhesus A - a Vanguard Newborn, Update with tags , , , , on March 25, 2012 by Kaden Brown

Finally after more than 60 downloads I have ended the preview of “Vanguard Newborn”. Many thanks to all those who contributed.

In a short while “Rhesus A – a Vanguard Newborn” will be published. Initially, it will be available as paperback through Amazon (and possibly PaperPlus and Whitcoulls later), and followed by multiple format e-book versions. Note that the finished edition has the prologue and a greatly different storyline than previous editions.

EDIT: Price of “Rhesus A” will be USD$9.99. Here are the final publication details:

5.06″ x 7.81″ (12.852 x 19.837 cm)
Black & White on White paper
424 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1470028855
ISBN-10: 1470028859
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Paranormal

A ‘By the the Book’ Plot – Romance

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on March 20, 2012 by Kaden Brown

Browsing through my documents folder I came across some interesting things I thought I’d post. If you look on the right-hand menu, under ‘Downloads’ you will find a link to a short story (*.docx format) I wrote a number of years past. It is about how I met the first love of my life, Julie, in the local pub (The Main Top) in WestBank, Widnes. Sadly she passed away in September 2002. Have a look at ‘A Boy and a Girl’ to see how Julie and I first met.

In the folder I discovered some stuff about writing related to plots and structures of stories and screenplays. Here is a great romance plot from ‘Adventureland‘ (it stars Kristen Stewart) that follows a love story between a boy and a girl – unrelated to my short story about Julie.. It follows the typical structure.

The Boy Meets the Girl Plot Template

  1. The Boy and Girl become friends
  2. The Boy meets the Guy who he reveres and sees as a “real man” – the guy is everything the boy only ever dreams about being – dangerous, confident, married and promiscuous
  3. Another girl tells the Boy that a Guy they know is cheating on his wife.
  4. The Girl tries to deter her friendship with the Boy from developing further
  5. So the Boy goes out with Another girl and asks her to keep their date secret, so as not to hurt the Girl
  6. Unbeknown to the Boy the Girl has an ongoing secret sexual relationship with the man
  7. The Boy feels guilty about dating Another girl and tells the Girl about the date – he still wants their friendship to deepen. The Girl is deeply hurt and walks off.
  8. The pressure of being the “other woman” leads to the girl ending their torrid affair
  9. But not before the Boy gets told by an acquaintance that the Girl and the Guy have been seen getting real close sexually.
  10. The Boy gets upset and confronts the Girl as she leaves the guys apartment secretly avoiding the Guy’s wife.
  11. The Boy goes out with the Another girl and tells her everything about his feelings and the Girl and the Guy, when she promises to keep the secret
  12. The Another girl promptly tells all her friends about the Girl and the Guy.
  13. The Girl is horrified and upset to find out everyone knows about her sexual habits and think she is an easy lay
  14. The Girl leaves town to escape their stares and whispers.
  15. The Boy realises his stupidity and goes after her.
  16. Boy and Girl re-meet and they both explain their deep regrets over their behaviour
  17. Boy and Girl end up together.

I love weepy stories and happy endings. I am not a ‘Steel Magnolias‘ kind of guy.

That Rhythmic Groove of Literary Wonder

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Hehe, I’ve been getting down and writing lately and am beginning to make some great progress on “Lilith”.

You know, once you get in that rhythmic groove of literary wonder a flood of excitement flows through oneself and you know, you just know, that the words read good. That what’s pouring onto the page is good stuff and that whomever reads your creation will be similarly struck.

One of my favourite passages is one in which Lilith and Samael meet for a little chit-chat:

“There’s more than just fighting evil?” Two and half thousand years had passed, and he was just telling me this? Now? I think my jaw almost hit the floor.

Samael looked at me as if I was simple. Maybe I’d tickled his sense of humor, but nothing I’d said was funny. Though, that was to me. Him? Who knew?

I will refrain from giving the storyline away but this is one set of text that (to me anyway) is good enough and attractive enough to appear on the back cover of the book. You know, that little bit of the character’s thinking that grabs the potential reader and makes them think: “I like this person. They have humour and modesty. A good character I can love and follow.”

When you see it and know what the heck, that came from inside my head! You feel happy.

Lilith’s Crazy Sisters

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As you may know, Lilith is a Dark Immortal – an immortal human being who breathes, eats and does drugs just like all other humans… okay, maybe not the drugs part, but, anyways, Lilith is a drug-taking human – just immortal. She was murdered by her older siblings, Petros and Tiamat. She was given a second chance to live by the angel Samael. He gave her that chance on several conditions. So, Lilith finds herself fighting ‘evil’.

I thought I would introduce you to Tiamat, or a picture of what I see her as looking like:


Tiamat was born in 588 BC in Samara, Persia, often seen as the birthplace of humanity, two and half years before Lilith. She was a nervous and passive girl who blindly followed her older sister Petros. This resulted in her torturing and helping to kill Lilith. She had blue/green eyes, stood 5’3″ high and loved to play in the reeds by the Tigris.

What “Lilith” does not cover to any great extent is the reasons why Petros and Tiamat killed both Lilith and their younger brother, Kasparek. Now, I won’t spoil anything that happens either in Lilith or any subsequent book, or short story, but the two of them were not simple bullies. Lilith goes through her immortal existence believing them to have been evil humans with psychopathic tendencies: in fact their torturing of both herself and her brother were not done in “the heat of the moment”. The killing of Lilith and later, Kasparek, was deliberate and cold…

One day I may write their stories and explain , like WTF would make two kids kill their brother and sister?

Just a quick update: finally my writing is back up and humming along. Productivity is on the rise almost in direct correlation to the improvement in my health. It’s back to work this week again (touch-wood for luck), and I’m putting in some good numbers on Lilith.

Digit with a mission

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So here I am back in Christchurch, happy to get back to work and struggle on with Lilith, wishing I could be racing onwards with Vanguard Coven (now part of the Rhesus A series…), hoping to get some muscle work at the store, get fitter, and yep, you guessed it, I come down with the mighty flu’.

Not only that, which has put a real dent in my mental stability and self determination, but along comes the need for flipping surgery on my toe. It’s a toe that’s done everything to get at me over the years: anything to bring me down. Crushed by a boat; almost cut off by a misplaced shovel; devastated by a fungal infection; toe nail removal; fracture and re-fracture caused by fall in wet weather (I. Was. Not. Drunk!) and an earthquake (yep boss, it happens to me too you know); and now the god-damn need to have the toe nail partially but permanantly removed due to a whopper of an ingrown nail. The doctors says he’s gonna photograph it – I’ll have to see if he’ll give me the pic.

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