Samantha and Her Deadly Arsenal

One of Lilith’s colleagues is a Dark Immortal trained in the dark arts of violence: torture, killing and deception. Jeez, even Lilith is scared to cross her! Anyways, Sammie loves her mission in life: to kill and cause pain. We know she wears a Kevlar jacket. What about her weapons?

First up is her Beretta PX4 C Storm 9mm 4″ – a favourite with armed forces – which she keeps in a shoulder holster:

Second, and more to her liking, is her collection of Kizlyar Strela black tactical throwing knives which she keeps strapped to her sides. Even Lilith doesn’t have knives that, er, unusual. But then Sammie is different from herself and B. Only called in to protect Dark Immortals or to attack enemies, she has skills that no human can dream of anywhere, except in nightmares. Heck, Lilith barely understands her love of violence – and that’s saying a lot.

Sammie and Hanna (who is Lilith’s immediate boss), would get on like a house on fire. At the Jester’s Whistle Sammie is very keen to use the Beretta but Lilith sweet talks her into using the knives.

Finally, there is another weapon that freaks Lilith out more than anything…

Just a little update on “Rhesus A”, I am waiting to see the proofs which should be here any day now. Then we can decide which version to go with. For now – it’s on with “Lilith”


2 Responses to “Samantha and Her Deadly Arsenal”

  1. The Fickle Mistress

    Fortune is a Fickle Mistress
    She treats us and then she whips us
    It doesn’t matter if you misbehave

    But we shouldn’t let her vex us
    That fussy and Fickle Mistress
    Because I know we’ll always be her slave

    Copyright Robert W Perry 2012 and stuff right?


  2. Kaden Brown Says:

    Hey Robert, nice to have you here 🙂

    I like the little poem. Maybe I could use it for a future book about Samantha i.e. (after Lilith sometime). I will talk to you about that closer to the time. It would make a cool into prose to her story.

    Is Sammie the ‘Fickle Mistress’? Not sure… whose mistress is she? Certainly she has the penchant for violence…just she don’t use whips these days.

    Keep in touch, Kaden


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