Lilith – Rescued From the Jester’s Whistle

In “Lilith” the lead character (i.e. Lilith) needs rescuing from the Antediluvians who track her to the Jester’s Whistle, a (fictional) restaurant in Ann Arbor, west of Detroit. B and Samantha arrive to escort her from the building, away from the watching and very threatening AD’s.

Lilith is heavily but discreetly armed, B (Barry) drives the getaway car and Samantha is the armed backup, sat in the back. She carries a Beretta 9mm and wears body armor:

In the pockets she keeps spare clips for the 9mm. The three Dark Immortals make a successful escape, leaving Ruth to go on home. Lilith doesn’t give her witch-friend a second thought about whatever happens, thinking that as long as she herself was away from Ruth that the danger would be gone too. How wrong can she be!

The consequences of Lilith walking out and leaving Ruth are huge and lead to Lilith feeling guilt and anger at what takes place…


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