VN Update

It looks like the price of VN will be US$9.99 (NZ$11.99 at today’s rates) or US$11.99 (NZ$14.40). Hopefully copies will be available by the end of February. We are currently looking at two versions, one uses 11pt Times New Roman font, the other with 12pt TNR font.

The difference is great when it comes to the end product: 11pt equals 366 pages; 12pt equals 424 pages. I prefer the 12pt font as it makes for an easier read, rather than the academic style mass of text on each page.

In addition, pending other drastic last-minute disasters/crises, the name of the book has been changed to “Rhesus A” with the sub-title “a Vanguard Newborn”. Here is the new cover:

Until publishing time, the early manuscript of VN (which FYI has since been seriously changed, and does not include the prologue) is still available for review. You can click here to download the pdf version. The prologue will be available to read in advance, exclusively at Kiwi Writers ( shortly prior to the publish date.


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