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Away to Adelaide

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It’s that time of year again, so I am off to spend some time with my mom in the scorching heat of Adelaide. Mind you, last year it was pretty cool/chilly there in April.

Hopefully, I will get some quality time to work on Lilith, which is really looking good now. The plot is evolving with every story-line making great potential for follow-on books. The lives of Samantha, Ruth and Aytal are begging to be told.

It’s midnight, just got home, and going to watch “Let Me In” for the umpteenth time (the book was brilliant by the way. Very dark and pretty horrific, TBH).

“Lilith” Word count: 26279.


Samantha and Her Deadly Arsenal

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One of Lilith’s colleagues is a Dark Immortal trained in the dark arts of violence: torture, killing and deception. Jeez, even Lilith is scared to cross her! Anyways, Sammie loves her mission in life: to kill and cause pain. We know she wears a Kevlar jacket. What about her weapons?

First up is her Beretta PX4 C Storm 9mm 4″ – a favourite with armed forces – which she keeps in a shoulder holster:

Second, and more to her liking, is her collection of Kizlyar Strela black tactical throwing knives which she keeps strapped to her sides. Even Lilith doesn’t have knives that, er, unusual. But then Sammie is different from herself and B. Only called in to protect Dark Immortals or to attack enemies, she has skills that no human can dream of anywhere, except in nightmares. Heck, Lilith barely understands her love of violence – and that’s saying a lot.

Sammie and Hanna (who is Lilith’s immediate boss), would get on like a house on fire. At the Jester’s Whistle Sammie is very keen to use the Beretta but Lilith sweet talks her into using the knives.

Finally, there is another weapon that freaks Lilith out more than anything…

Just a little update on “Rhesus A”, I am waiting to see the proofs which should be here any day now. Then we can decide which version to go with. For now – it’s on with “Lilith”

Lilith – Rescued From the Jester’s Whistle

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In “Lilith” the lead character (i.e. Lilith) needs rescuing from the Antediluvians who track her to the Jester’s Whistle, a (fictional) restaurant in Ann Arbor, west of Detroit. B and Samantha arrive to escort her from the building, away from the watching and very threatening AD’s.

Lilith is heavily but discreetly armed, B (Barry) drives the getaway car and Samantha is the armed backup, sat in the back. She carries a Beretta 9mm and wears body armor:

In the pockets she keeps spare clips for the 9mm. The three Dark Immortals make a successful escape, leaving Ruth to go on home. Lilith doesn’t give her witch-friend a second thought about whatever happens, thinking that as long as she herself was away from Ruth that the danger would be gone too. How wrong can she be!

The consequences of Lilith walking out and leaving Ruth are huge and lead to Lilith feeling guilt and anger at what takes place…

VN Update

Posted in Rhesus A - a Vanguard Newborn with tags , , , , , on February 8, 2012 by Kaden Brown

It looks like the price of VN will be US$9.99 (NZ$11.99 at today’s rates) or US$11.99 (NZ$14.40). Hopefully copies will be available by the end of February. We are currently looking at two versions, one uses 11pt Times New Roman font, the other with 12pt TNR font.

The difference is great when it comes to the end product: 11pt equals 366 pages; 12pt equals 424 pages. I prefer the 12pt font as it makes for an easier read, rather than the academic style mass of text on each page.

In addition, pending other drastic last-minute disasters/crises, the name of the book has been changed to “Rhesus A” with the sub-title “a Vanguard Newborn”. Here is the new cover:

Until publishing time, the early manuscript of VN (which FYI has since been seriously changed, and does not include the prologue) is still available for review. You can click here to download the pdf version. The prologue will be available to read in advance, exclusively at Kiwi Writers ( shortly prior to the publish date.

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