Brief Synopsis of Vanguard Newborn

Depressed and alone, from a broken family and a murdered brother, Dee awakes on the pavement having been assaulted. Covered in blood and slipping in and out of consciousness she is rescued by her best friend’s family who give her blood to heal.

Upon recovery she is mortified to learn that she is now undead, an immortal – with a liking for Rhesus A positive. Oh, and seriously screwed by her new family of outcasts.

Being made a Ward of the Vampyre Council, and candidate for the secretive Vanguard Society is the least of Ashley’s problems. Or so she thinks. A grouchy tattooed mentor with no patience, a face that everyone is terrified of, and not being allowed home are enough to worry about.

Ashley doesn’t know it, but powerful forces are aligning and she is their unwitting target. Then there’s the plotting and scheming of the Council Overlords who hold her life in their own hands. 

Growing up as a teen in the undead world she faces loss, fear and betrayal. Ashley must survive long enough to help solve the horrific crime that shocks the immortal world and resolve the question as to who, or what, made her.

Don’t forget, the full manuscript of VN is available for free preview at CreateSpace. You can click here to download the pdf version.



5 Responses to “Brief Synopsis of Vanguard Newborn”

  1. Hi Kaden,
    I am slowly reading VN,and once I got into it,found that it was quite hard to “put down” and this type of novel is not really me.
    One criticism is that I don’t like reading it on line,as I prefer to be able to go back by flicking the pages rather than scrolling.
    One or two errors (so far) which I hope are not in the finished product (Just being honest with you,so don’t take offence plse).
    As I said – hard to put down and hope the rest is as enthralling.
    Regards, Grahame


  2. Kaden Brown Says:

    Hi ya,

    I will send you a copy of the published version when it comes out 🙂


    Oh, and please leave a review at if you can. just copy and paste your comments, fill in the star rating etc. Real easy for you. I’m glad you found me. By the way there is a chapter (a prologue) that goes before the first chapter. It sets the scene. A real hook. Plus, yeah, the niggling formatting, punctuation and grammatical errors have been fixed up too. I hope.


  3. dbrookings Says:

    Thanks for the “Like.” You hav an interesting story and I wish you success with it. I also learned about CreateSpase, so thanks again.


  4. Lindi cumens Says:

    Like what I read so far


  5. Long “live” the undead!


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