I got proof!

Blow me down. The proof copy of Vanguard Newborn has finally arrived, totally blowing my mind. Maybe I need a celebration. It will have to wait until I have read the thing in totality though.

First looks and having read chapters 1-3 and I am surprised. Shocked. Elated! The book is way better than I had anticipated. Like, ready to pick-up from Paper Plus and buy. Really, really overwhelming to say the least.

Sure, there are a few (very few actually) things that may need fixing for the book to be absolutely perfect. Whether-or-not I fix those things will have to be decided over the next weeks or so. In the bigger scheme of things they are so minor I’m certain any reader will barely notice them.

In the next week the retail price for VN will be decided, as will the possibility of distribution outside of the US. I’m not happy with the forecasted price, hoping that it could be kept well below the NZ$30 mark (preferably RRP of NZ$22.99 or thereabouts). We’ll have to see.

Regardless, I gotta keep on writing.


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