Lilith – Pure evil or fighting for good?

Yup, Lilith is a pretty messed up individual. She kills people – and anyone or anything that happens to stand her way. That makes her kill innocents too. She’s only supposed to kill those that commit evil. How does she square the innocent bystanders that get slaughtered as a result? Does this scag whore even think about it? Can anyone even safely raise the issue without being classified as supporting the enemy?

Hmm, her best friend is helpless and Lilith ain’t gonna change her ways. The AD’s (Antediluvians), the immortal beings that keep the Dark Immortals in check are mightily pissed. They just want to eradicate the deadly thing that is Lilith. But she does have feelings, even if she is seriously screwed by her need for blood and quickening.

So, how do things turn out? Ha, that is still to be written. Keep reading here and you may get some clues.

Progress is good. It’s going to be a good one! Still waiting for the proof of Vanguard Newborn. Aargh.

Lilith word count : 22295 (and I’ve just come home. It’s after midnight!)

Here’s a treat… Lilith’s BFF Ruth, luuvs salads. At The Whistle she orders cheese and onion salad with creamy herb dressing.


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  1. Woh I enjoy your content, saved to favorites ! .


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