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So, progress on Lilith is going along okay, not brilliant but okay. Yeah, the story is much better than Vanguard Newborn. That was the plan and it is so-far working out. It will also be a longer book too. Maybe up to 150K words. Considering I have barely started the story, and making sure there is action at every turn, the end product will even impress me. Try not thinking about that, I tell myself, hoping to just get on with the story. Whatever develops, develops. Come what may.

News from the Ashley Zetterburg world is that I am awaiting a proof copy of the book. Sadly I missed the holidays, and the proof will arrive in the New Year. I suppose I should be happy, but a little holiday lightener would have been nice. After I have checked it out, it will be despatched to my mom who eagerly awaits whatever I have produced. My baby, see mom!

Finally a big hello to anyone (hello, is there anyone out there?) who has made it over to my new blog (i.e. this one) in my pseudonym of Kaden Brown. Welcome, have a look around, throw me a bone and I’ll chew on it, letting you know whatever I think.

PS. Here’s the latest sentence I have written:

A shadow of doubt passed through my head, wondering what the hell was going on.

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